2048 Fruit Drop Merge
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2048 Fruit Drop Merge

by Silly Spider

Merge fruits to watermelon & beyond! Don't overflow, score juicy highs!

App Name2048 Fruit Drop Merge
DeveloperSilly Spider
Download Size33 MB
Latest Version0.2.1
Average Rating3.08
Rating Count37
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Screenshot 2048 Fruit Drop Merge
Screenshot 2048 Fruit Drop Merge
Screenshot 2048 Fruit Drop Merge
Screenshot 2048 Fruit Drop Merge
Drop & merge fruit with skill in Japan's top game! Switch tactics, aim for watermelon & experience 2048 with fruit. Dive into the ultimate merge suika game!

Immerse yourself where fruits gain a whole new essence. Welcome to Fruit Fusion, where your mission is to skillfully drop fruits into a unique container. As identical fruits make contact, they merge, evolving into grander versions. Your ultimate goal? The illustrious watermelon and the mysteries that lie beyond!

Game Features:

šŸ‡ Endless Fun: Experience the charm of Japanese arcade games in endless merging adventures.
šŸ’„ Combo Boosts: Craft seamless combinations and witness your score soar to new heights.
šŸ† Climb the Leaderboard: Surpass friends and enthusiasts worldwide.
šŸ§  Strategic Switch: Expertly choose and switch drop locations for optimum fruit fusion.
But, always be cautious! The container has its limits. Overflow, and your journey comes to a sudden halt. Each game becomes a riveting dance against space, demanding both foresight and swiftness.

With radiant graphics, gripping gameplay, and mouthwatering fruit evolutions, Fruit Fusion provides an irresistible allure. Whether you've got a brief moment or hours to lose, this game caters to players young and old.

Embark on a fruit-merging escapade you'll never forget! šŸ“šŸ’šŸšŸ„­šŸ‰ Download now!

Recent changes:
Halloween Background Theme Added

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