Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim
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Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim

by 55 Games

Plane game with pilot features of airport landing.

App NameAirplane Pilot - Flight Sim
Developer55 Games
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Screenshot Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim
Screenshot Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim
Screenshot Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim
Screenshot Airplane Pilot - Flight Sim
Fly airplanes in the most realistic simple airplane simulator game. You have many plane options to chose and fly from one airport to the other completing multiple missions. Whenever you complete a task you will be rewarded with the gold and you can buy new airplanes for your flight.

Pass through the several waypoints, reach the destination airport, touch the runway gently and land your flight perfectly to get full points. Control your aircraft with very detailed controls on your screen.

Not all flight simulators have a realistic touch of flying but Airplane Pilot - Flight Simulator is all about flying the airplane just like the real one. after you start the mission you'll be the captain of the airbus to transport passengers from one place to the other. Fly between the airports by following the waypoints and end the flight operation by perfect landing.

This game will make you forget all other plane games and once you master the flying art your will be given the title of best pilot with extra reward with which you can buy from all the new collection of cool planes with different shapes and color. Not all the aircrafts are locked, few are unlocked in the start to teach you how to fly a plane in airplane simulator game.

- Realistic plane physics
- Eye catching graphics with realistic terrains
- Many cool animations close to reality
- Easy controls for your airplane
- Close to reality flying simulation
- Totally free plane simulator

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