Angry Owl Mid Autumn
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Angry Owl Mid Autumn

by Nature Droid

Among types of birds,owl look very angry! Additive slingshot arcade game!

App NameAngry Owl Mid Autumn
DeveloperNature Droid
Download Size8 MB
Latest Version1.0.2
Average Rating3.40
Rating Count16
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Screenshot Angry Owl Mid Autumn
Screenshot Angry Owl Mid Autumn
Screenshot Angry Owl Mid Autumn
Screenshot Angry Owl Mid Autumn
Angry Owl is a fun & additive slingshot arcade game!
Owl, birds of the order Strigiformes. Among many types of birds, owl looks very angry!
Owls are nocturnal hunting birds. It hunt small mammals, insects, and other birds,
Most birds of prey have eyes on the sides of their heads; owls have forward-facing eyes.
Owl birds nest in tree holes,timber, caves, or in the abandoned nests of other large birds.
Owls are powerful birds and protective parents. They will attack who walk too close to their egg or child.
This is an addictive physic games
Slingshot with catapult to crush the naughty rats~
Download angry owl shooting games today!
Games Feature
• Press & pull. Then release to shoot.
• Challenging physic games
• Level design is new.
• Total 24 levels
• With sound effect

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