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Antistress - Fidget Games

by Relax Tools

Antistress - pop it fidget games to release your stress! Relax & have fun!

App NameAntistress - Fidget Games
DeveloperRelax Tools
Download Size86 MB
Latest Version1.1.3
Average Rating4.29
Rating Count192
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Screenshot Antistress - Fidget Games
Screenshot Antistress - Fidget Games
Screenshot Antistress - Fidget Games
Screenshot Antistress - Fidget Games
Feeling stressed in your daily life?
Longing for a break from work or study?
Antistress is your go-to solution — a constantly updating collection of relaxing 3D fidget games! With regular updates and offline accessibility, these anxiety relief games are your tickets to escape stress and find mental release.

In moments of overwhelm, simply open Antistress to immerse yourself in a world where fireworks burst at your fingertips, crystal balls pop with joy, and soothing sounds of white noise and bamboo weaving bring pleasure and relief.

Try Antistress now and indulge in a variety of FREE fidget games. Release the stress that binds you and discover the therapeutic benefits of these engaging fidget games.

# Discover A Diverse Range of Fidget Games:
✨ Pop it Fidget
✨ White Noise
✨ Slime
✨ Fidget Bubble
✨ Fidget Cube
✨ Fidget Spinner
✨ Bean Toy
✨ Cutting Grass
✨ Stress Ball
✨ Firework
✨ Turn Lights ON/OFF

# Key Features of Antistress - Fidget Games:
🌟 Abundant POP IT games and other realistic 3D fidget toys
🌟 Quick stress release and anxiety relief
🌟 Calming games for kids, helping them relax
🌟 Regular updates to satisfy your needs
🌟 High-quality, relaxing sound effects
🌟 Easy to play, smooth operation, and highly interactive
🌟 100% free and available offline

Download Antistress now to shake off stress in minutes and find mindfulness effortlessly! Next time stress hits, don't hesitate — open our app and play the stress away!

If you have any questions or suggestions while enjoying our games, feel free to contact us via [email protected]. We welcome all your opinions and are here to assist you!

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