Gym Heros: Fighting Game
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Gym Heros: Fighting Game

by Fighting Arena

Play fighting games! Learn boxing, karate, wrestling & kung fu fight tactics.

App NameGym Heros: Fighting Game
DeveloperFighting Arena
Download Size102 MB
Latest Version1.16.9
Average Rating4.40
Rating Count241,854
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Screenshot Gym Heros: Fighting Game
Screenshot Gym Heros: Fighting Game
Screenshot Gym Heros: Fighting Game
Screenshot Gym Heros: Fighting Game
Step into 'Gym Heroes: Fighting Game,' where the worlds of boxing, karate, kung fu, and wrestling collide in dynamic one-on-one battles. Begin your journey as a novice, learning the ropes of boxing and karate. Then, advance to master the intense moves of kung fu and wrestling. As you conquer each fight, your skills in these fighting games will grow, making you a formidable force in the gym arena.

Beyond the bouts, take charge as a gym owner, creating a custom haven for training and strategy. Engage in various modes like knockout and arcade, or challenge yourself with exciting mini-games. This game isn't just about fighting; it's about building a legacy in the world of boxing, karate, wrestling, and kung fu. Are you ready to fight, strategize, and build your way to fame in the ultimate fighting game experience?

Recent changes:
Default language - en-US
- Updated Gym Fighters in VS mode
- Updated Hit fighting games moves
- Gym Environment made better
- Overall Gameplay Improved

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