Car Driving Traffic Simulator
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Car Driving Traffic Simulator

by Wayfu Studio

Unlock the driver in you with Car City - where every turn leads to mastery!

App NameCar Driving Traffic Simulator
DeveloperWayfu Studio
Download Size205 MB
Latest Version1.25
Average Rating4.07
Rating Count593
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Screenshot Car Driving Traffic Simulator
Screenshot Car Driving Traffic Simulator
Screenshot Car Driving Traffic Simulator
Screenshot Car Driving Traffic Simulator
Prepare to become the master of off-road exploration. We bring you an immersive open-world off-road simulation that will elevate your exploration to new heights.

Ignite your real skills with a Car Driving Traffic Simulator game - where every journey is a thrilling car experience driving through diverse landscapes!

Prepare for a real adrenaline-fueled experience in a Car Driving Traffic Simulator game, where fast speed meets precision in the heart of the bustling city. Navigate through intricate city streets, pushing your limits and your fast speed as you race against time and traffic at top speed on the maps. Explore diverse maps that offer a myriad of challenges and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Are you ready to conquer the urban jungle and become the master of the road on the maps?

- REALISTIC DRIVING EXPERIENCE: Feel the excitement of realistic race car dynamics as you navigate city car races and drive streets on the mini maps, with each vehicle offering its own distinct handling characteristics in this game.

- DYNAMIC TRAFFIC: Encounter lifelike traffic flow and AI-controlled vehicles that present an additional fast parking challenge during your control endeavors in the driving game.

- MULTIPLAYER ACTION: Engage in exhilarating multiplayer parking races against friends and global competitors, showcasing your racing and parking prowess in real-time showdowns.

- CUSTOMIZATION VARIETY: Personalize your city vehicles with an extensive array of customization choices, from paint schemes to performance enhancements, and craft a fast ride that's uniquely yours with maps, including subway.

- CHALLENGING MISSIONS: Tackle a diverse city drive range of tasks and objectives, from time trials to delivery assignments, and put your car driving skills to the test across various race scenarios, showcasing your racing prowess in real-time showdowns, and striving to emerge as the ultimate master of the subway asphalt in this game.

- EXPANSIVE EXPLORATION: Roam the sprawling racing cityscape, uncovering hidden car pathways behind mountains and secret locales as you race through its bustling car streets with diverse maps in this game, proving yourself as the master of exploration.

- UNIQUE MAPS: Navigate through dynamic landscapes, including bustling urban centers, parking, picturesque countryside drive roads, subway, bike racing, and rugged off-road trails, mastering every terrain and conquering every challenge.

- SUBWAY MODE: Experience the real adrenaline rush of race through subterranean subway networks, evading obstacles and competing against the clock.

- BIKE AND TRUCK RACING: Switch gears and hop on a bike or motorcycle or take command of a mighty truck, each offering unique bike city drive challenges and fast speed rewards.

- PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM: Earn rewards and unlock fresh content fast as you progress through the game to maximize your fast speed when racing, including new vehicles, upgrades, parking,customization options, and drive cars in the city.

Whether you're a novice racer or a seasoned speed enthusiast, the Car Driving Traffic Simulator game offers endless excitement and thrills for every speed demon out there.

Explore the vast world with exciting racing that will make you excited, and offer the perfect opportunity to hone your skills and become a true master of the road maps.

If you need any technical support or would like to send us some suggestions to improve the game, shoot us an email at [email protected].

Recent changes:
Car Driving Traffic Simulator version 1.25:
- New Area.
- Fix some bugs.
- Increase experience.

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