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Match and Summon your Hero in a pvp battle !

App NameCaravan Clash
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Screenshot Caravan Clash
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Match and Summon your Hero in a pvp battle !
Join the adventure in Caravan Clash, where heroes are summoned by you by matching runes.
In a turn-based PVP battle, you will need to find the best strategy to conquer your enemy.
With the right move, you could steal your opponent's hero and turn the balance of the battle.
Don’t forget to use your hero skill to use its power, an hero skill rune will appear once you make a combo of minimum 4 runes.

Come have a try and join a guild to have a better experience.
Ps: a lot of game modes are also available for your pleasure.

How to Play?
First Step: Form your team of 4 heroes, one of each color.
Second Step: Match at least 3 runes to summon a hero, 4+ will give you a hero skill as a bonus but it does require a bit of skill to do it, so it’s recommended to have 8 years old +
Third Step: Your heroes will be summoned and attack automatically. Watch and enjoy.
Last Step: Destroy the enemy base to win the battle, shouldn’t be hard for you!

Extra Features:
-Guild System, chat, request/donate cards, get extra bonus and challenge other guilds.
-Daily Task, complete task to get extra reward
-Expedition, send your heroes to collect even more rewards for you!
-Rune Chest, collect runes in battle and exchange them to get a chest or upgrade it for a better reward.
-Game modes, play a different game mode every day!
-Events, a lot of events for you to enjoy playing and be rewarded.

Feel free to join our community for the latest updates and exclusive promo code!

Facebook:Caravan Clash
CS Mail: [email protected]

Recent changes:
Adjust the relic system, remove the relic altar, and modify the relic system to general relics and exclusive relics.
Added 38 new exclusive relics for heroes.
Added an advertisement ticket feature, which allows obtaining rewards without watching ads; daily recharge rewards can obtain advertisement tickets.
Optimized the skin interface.
Adjusted the reward content of the daily special offer.
Added selectable challenge order items to the daily choice gift pack store.

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