Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
Icon Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game

Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game


Guide a color ball through a road full of obstacles. Play the ASMR relax game

App NameColor Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
Download Size120 MB
Latest Version2.2.0
Average Rating4.40
Rating Count638,704
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AppBrainDownload Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game Android app
Screenshot Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
Screenshot Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
Screenshot Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
Screenshot Color Bump 3D: ASMR ball game
🌈 Roll into the world of Color Bump 3D and unleash the true color master in you! 🎮🔵🔴🟡

Get ready to journey down an exhilarating track as a vibrant little ball, always pushing forward, always ready for the next big thrill. Be warned though! In this color 3D games offline adventure, you'll face a kaleidoscope of obstacles that test your reflexes and precision. Remember, you can only bump into obstacles that match your color. Accidentally bump the wrong hue? Oops, you're starting over!

Color Bump 3D combines the best of hyper-casual god job games you have ever played, fusing together the essence of calming ASMR games and heart-racing excitement into one vivid package. The maze game design is simple yet captivating, a visual feast that brings an ASMR-like tranquillity. But don't let the calm fool you. Each level ups the ante, adding layers of challenge that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Think you have what it takes to conquer this maze game? Prove it! Success in this color ball game isn't just about crossing the finish line, it's about endurance in a fast-paced world full of colorful obstacles.

Why you’ll love Color Bump 3D:

🔵 Top-notch ASMR games experience
🔴 Vivid and vibrant 3D game design
🟡 Exciting and tricky mazes
🟢 Thousands of gyrosphere trials
🟣 Relaxing games elements intertwined with thrilling gameplay

Are you a fan of casual relax games that blend tranquility with electrifying action? Then Color Bump 3D is definitely for you! It's not just about playing a color 3D game offline, it's about immersing yourself in a vibrant world that's equal parts challenging and relaxing, yet always exhilarating.

Ready to ride this rainbow road? Hit download, play your first game of Color Bump 3D, and get lost in this beautiful, ever-changing world of colors. Let the color ball roll! 🌈🟢🟠🟣


Recent changes:
Minor bug fixes

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