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Arrange colored rolls the right way to match the image! Color match brain teaser

App NameColor Roll 3D
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Screenshot Color Roll 3D
Screenshot Color Roll 3D
Screenshot Color Roll 3D
Experience one of the most addictive, color-filled puzzle game — Color Roll 3D! Ready to challenge your brain with this brain teaser? Then this color game is just for you! It's all about color, creativity, and some serious agility!

In Color Roll 3D, you'll need to copy the exact image you're shown, down to the last detail! How? Just by unrolling and arranging the vibrantly colored rolls the relaxing game give you for each level. Sounds easy, right? But wait, there's a catch! You've got to ensure the colors overlap in just the right way to perfectly match the image.

Got the image in your head? Great! Now get to work and let those colorful rolls fly! Just tap each roll and watch as it smoothly moves across your screen, bringing the image to life. But remember, in this mind game it's all about getting those colors to line up just right!

As you climb higher and conquer more levels, things start to get tricky. Figuring out the right direction to unroll those rolls? That's where the real fun begins. But don't worry, if you hit a roadblock, we've got your back with helpful hints to keep you rolling in this color matching game!

Color Roll 3D isn't just a puzzle games for adults—it's an color adventure packed with levels to test your skill, patience, and creativity. Keep track of the position of each layer and push your boundaries to replicate the exact model given.

So, are you up for the color puzzle challenge? Are you ready to roll your way to victory with this brain exercise? Download one of the most exciting color puzzles for free now and start your vibrant adventure today! It's time to get rolling, and let the colors take control. It's time to play Color Roll 3D!

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