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Fun learning Game Drawing book & Painting for toddler as preschool education app

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Coloring Book for Kids: Learn & Play with Fun Pages

Are you looking for a fun and educational coloring game for your kids? Do you want to help them unleash their creativity and imagination with hundreds of amazing coloring pages? Do you want to teach them about animals, fruits, numbers, shapes, and more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love Coloring Book for Kids: Learn & Play with Fun Pages!

This is the ultimate free coloring book for kids of all ages. It has over 750 coloring pages in 16 different categories, such as:

Farm Animals: Color and learn about cows, pigs, chickens, and more.
Forest Animals: Color and learn about bears, foxes, deer, and more.
Transport Vehicles: Color and learn about cars, trucks, planes, and more.
Toys: Color and learn about dolls, robots, puzzles, and more.
And many more!
You can choose from various coloring tools, such as pencils, crayons, brushes, stickers, and glitters. You can also use the zoom feature to color every tiny detail with precision.

But this is not just a coloring game. It is also a learning game that helps your kids develop their drawing skills, logic skills, and language skills. Here are some of the amazing features that make this game a great learning tool:

Alphabets and Numbers: Your kids can learn the alphabets (ABC) and the numbers (123) by coloring them and hearing their names. This is a great way to introduce them to the ABC coloring book and the coloring and learn concept. They can also practice writing the letters and numbers by tracing them with their fingers or a stylus.
Connecting Dots and Maze: Your kids can improve their logic skills by connecting the dots to reveal a picture or finding their way through a maze. This is a fun and challenging way to practice their coloring and learn skills. They can also discover new words and facts related to the pictures they reveal, such as animals, fruits, vehicles, etc.
Tracing and Glow Coloring: Your kids can practice their handwriting and drawing skills by tracing the lines and shapes or coloring them with glowing effects. This is a creative and exciting way to enhance their drawing for kids and coloring for kids abilities. They can also customize the colors and the brightness of the glow to create stunning artworks.
Pixel Art: Your kids can unleash their creativity and create colorful pixel art by filling the grids with colors. This is a cool and modern way to express their kids color and kids drawing talents. They can also choose from different pixel art themes, such as animals, emojis, flags, superheroes, and more.
Preschool Worksheets: Your kids can prepare for school with 25+ preschool worksheets that teach them about colors, shapes, patterns, and more. This is a smart and effective way to reinforce their coloring for toddlers and toddler color games knowledge. They can also check their answers and get feedback from the game.
This game is designed to be kid-friendly and easy to use. You can color offline without an internet connection. You can also share your coloring pages with your family and friends on social media. And you can save your artworks in the gallery for later viewing.

Coloring Book for Kids: Learn & Play with Fun Pages is one of the best free coloring games and learning games for kids on Android.

What are you waiting for? Download Coloring Book for Kids: Learn & Play with Fun Pages today and let your kids have fun while they learn! 😊

Recent changes:
- Added new Learn to draw coloring pages
- Now with 1000+ coloring pages
- Updated Coloring games for kids 2-5 years
- Updated coloring pages for boys and girls
- Updated pixel art for kids
- Updated color by number category and coloring for kids
- Bug fixes and improved performance
- Updated support for Android 13

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