Country Balls: Idle War 3D
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Country Balls: Idle War 3D


Choose your countryball, conquer states, defeat countries, & win giant battles!

App NameCountry Balls: Idle War 3D
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Latest Version1.1.4
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Screenshot Country Balls: Idle War 3D
Screenshot Country Balls: Idle War 3D
Screenshot Country Balls: Idle War 3D
Screenshot Country Balls: Idle War 3D
Choose your countryball and start building your strategy to take over the world! Develop your economy, manage resources, make products, and upgrade your services - this is the true art of war!
You have the world map in front of you, where you can choose the country from which you will start your way in the conquest of the world. Seize new territories! Make them stronger so the rebel forces and other countries cannot take them back.
Don't forget to produce new and unique units, from the air force to the Navy. Supply your army with everything you need to make it the strongest in the world. You need money for everything, and the best way to get it is to develop products and improve the living standards of your territories.
Improve your armies, enter the age of military technology, and resplendent victories. Become the most powerful ruler and go down in history as the victor!
Enemies do not sleep! There will always be those who want to reclaim territory and interfere with your plans. Are you will be ready to face that threat? When planning your tactics, remember that enemies can be anywhere, even spy on your own territory. Repel rebel attacks so they can't overthrow you!
Sounds complicated? Fear not, this game has simple controls and clear gameplay, as well as great 3D graphics that will not leave anyone indifferent. Enemies are close, don't waste time and defend your territories in this free and addictive game!

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