Craft School: Monster Class
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Craft School: Monster Class

by AppVillage Global

Join Herobrune and Monster Class conquering all crazy challenges of Craft School

App NameCraft School: Monster Class
DeveloperAppVillage Global
Download Size71 MB
Latest Version1.1.13
Average Rating4.22
Rating Count10,995
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Screenshot Craft School: Monster Class
Screenshot Craft School: Monster Class
Screenshot Craft School: Monster Class
Screenshot Craft School: Monster Class
Join Monster Class where Herobrune and his favorite monster students go through all the crazily fun lessons. Try your best to finish them all with your classmates and get the highest scores!

You will immerse yourself in a pixel world full of amazing challenges and thrilling dangers. Your skills and reflexes will be tested throughout the lessons where you have to outsmart gruesome enemies, avoid enraging obstacles, run and jump your way to the next round.
Climbing up the ranks and breaking the world record as you defeat enemies, collect gold coins, and hunt all the hidden treasures in all lessons.

šŸ”„ Take on top-notch lessons:
- Prison Escape: Avoid the guards and break out of prison
- Siren Head: Survive Siren Head attack and blow it up with all TNTs
- Parkour: Dash from block to block, jump over obstacles, and master your landing tricks
- Survival Game: Survive the Red Light Green Light and Glass Bridge challenges
- Zombie Apocalypse: Shoot and defeat all zombies

āš”ļø Simple yet addictive stimulation:
- Use buttons/joysticks to move, run and jump
- 2 viewpoints: 1st person and 3rd person, drag on the screen to find the best angle

šŸŒŸ Game features:
- Ultimate fun lessons with 100 levels to test your skills
- Various characters and skins to upgrade
- New pixel maps and landscapes in every level
- Leaderboard to track your rank among other players
- Awesome 3D pixel graphics and animation

Can you get an A for every lesson and become a straight-A student? Join Craft School: Monster Class and find out now!

Recent changes:
- Minor Bug Fix
- Improve Performance

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