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Coloring game with wood carving! Make wooden shapes with laser and color them!

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Screenshot Cut and Paint
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Welcome to Cut and Paint, one of the relaxing wood-cutting and coloring games! Unleash your inner artist and experience the enchanting world of woodworking with Cut and Paint, the ultimate coloring game that combines the art of wood carving with the joy of coloring! Transform simple wooden boards into breathtaking masterpieces using a unique three-step process: Sand, Carve, and Paint.

šŸŖµ Before you start coloring, you need to prepare a wooden board. Begin your woodworking adventure by honing your carpentry skills. You need smoothen the wooden board's surface and prepare it for the next steps. Achieve precision as you create a flawless canvas for your artwork. Feel like a real carpenter!

šŸ”„ Enter the realm of laser art as you etch intricate designs on the sanded wood. Feel the power of the laser as you follow the contours, turning your blank canvas into a artwork. Make a perfect cut! Unlock new design templates as you level up, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your imagination to life.

šŸŽØ With a wide range of spray paint cans at your disposal, select your preferred hues and carefully apply them using stencils. Watch as your wooden canvas transforms into a stunning and vivid piece of art.

šŸ”„ Unlock an extensive library of laser art designs that cater to various themes, from nature and animals to abstract and geometric patterns.

šŸŽØ Choose from a vast array of vibrant colors to paint your creations, with customizable spray intensity for intricate details.

Cut and Paint combines the satisfaction of carpentry with the intricacies of laser art and the vibrancy of spray painting!
Embark on a journey of artistic expression through the fusion of wood carving and coloring. Experience the joy of transforming simple wooden boards into magnificent works of art like real carpenter!

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