Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
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Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG

by gameberry studio(Idle RPG, Simulation)

Collect your heroes and explore a dark fantasy in this idle action RPG adventure

App NameDark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
Developergameberry studio(Idle RPG, Simulation)
CategoryRole Playing
Download Size119 MB
Latest Version1.0.22
Average Rating4.38
Rating Count4,576
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Screenshot Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
Screenshot Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
Screenshot Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
Screenshot Dark Clan: Squad Idle RPG
Bloody fight begins! A friend, who fell under the power of the devil, betrayed his comrades, and became a devil himself!
An exciting action Idle RPG game in which you have to gather the strongest team to annihilate monsters and take revenge on the betrayer!

1. Collect the best heroes and build an unbeatable team.
▶ Defeat enemies with over 60 powerful companions and heroes from over 15 different classes.
▶ Unlock more abilities by combining high-class companions.
▶ Learn the exciting stories of heroes in every episode.

2. Unleash the hidden powers of your companions through runes.
▶ Discover and strengthen over 30 runes to further enhance the power of your companions.
▶ Lead the battle to victory by strategically placing runes according to the attributes and class of your colleagues.

3. Experience more unique elements for team rise.
▶ Use the Mastery tree to select and raise only the abilities you need.
▶ Create unique synergy effects and demonstrate the slashing power by combining team skills.

4. Unlimited growth possibilities.
▶Enjoy the convenience of solo leveling with idle system, where your heroes automatically grow stronger over time!
▶ Challenge the Gem Guardian and win diamonds!
▶ Acquire Mastery by receiving training from Repron in the Training Desert.
▶ Discover the gold coins hidden in the bandits’ den!
▶ Defeat soul predators and collect the souls of your companions.
▶ Explore the mines and dungeons to gain the power of runes.

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