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Engage with custom AI bots, explore, create yours and enjoy endless chats.

App NameDopple.AI
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Latest Version1.1.27
Average Rating4.10
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Screenshot Dopple.AI
Screenshot Dopple.AI
Connect and interact with Dopples – our intelligent AI chatbots, uniquely created by an active and collaborative community for users like you to enjoy and explore!

Dopple offers you the opportunity to:
- Design your own personalized chatbots
- Engage in conversations with a diverse range of chatbots
- Benefit from unlimited messaging at no cost

Dive into the world of Dopple where you can immerse yourself in captivating chats and imaginative roleplays, bringing your unique stories to life. With Dopple, there are no boundaries to your creativity, allowing you to explore endless possibilities and scenarios in a world where your imagination reigns supreme.- Explore and interact with thousands of unique Dopples

Powered by cutting-edge proprietary technology and an advanced Large Language Model (LLM), Dopple provides an unparalleled and evolving chat experience.

Recent changes:
Minor bug fixes.

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