Family Simulator Rich Dad Game
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Family Simulator Rich Dad Game

by Trimax Inc. LTD

In Virtual mom dad Family Simulator Game player can enjoy rich dad family life.

App NameFamily Simulator Rich Dad Game
DeveloperTrimax Inc. LTD
CategoryRole Playing
Download Size71 MB
Latest Version1.25
Average Rating3.75
Rating Count421
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AppBrainDownload Family Simulator Rich Dad Game Android app
Screenshot Family Simulator Rich Dad Game
Screenshot Family Simulator Rich Dad Game
Screenshot Family Simulator Rich Dad Game
Screenshot Family Simulator Rich Dad Game
In This Virtual Family Simulator game play a virtual mom and virtual rich dad life, a billionaire dad who is a big shot businessman with lots of money. You can play this virtual family game with each character of a family and they have multiple tasks to perform in this billionaire family game. You play different virtual family games but, in this play, as a virtual mom, virtual dad. There are many exciting virtual family game missions to experience in this virtual simulator game 3D. Enjoying that 100 years of the happy rich family game is a live game with a fun time in this virtual rich family simulator game. There are many exciting missions to experience in this virtual family simulator. If you love virtual family games then it is the finest and most fun game for you because it contains diverse family fun like mom simulator and dad simulator.

Be quick to play this Virtual rich mom and dad Simulator game. This sweet little happy family has a super mom that works twenty-four hours to take care of her virtual family. Virtual moms complete different tasks every day. The virtual mom's tasks include preparing breakfast, helping kids with their school work, preparing for a birthday party, taking care of children, and looking after her pets. You must manage household operations like a wonderful virtual mom to take care of your daily tasks. The virtual Family simulator Game provides you a unique opportunity to get involved in the ultimate virtual family life simulation. Enjoy virtual family simulator games to playing as multiple characters like mom simulator, dad simulator as well as schoolboy simulator all combined in a working mom games package. Experience Virtual simulator Housewife Family Game while exploring life games to make your gaming experience better and more entertaining in life. As a fantastic virtual rich family simulator, you must manage your everyday job by managing household activities.

This rich family simulation game is for you, with an image and fun to enjoy a happy rich life. In this family mom simulator game, use your role-playing skills to become a virtual rich father. The virtual mother is blessed with a cute boy and cute girl and the family is all ready to celebrate it with a party at Billionaire family dinner to have a family adventure. Take care of tough tasks that are done as a virtual family simulator and manage your daily routine to work for your happy family in this virtual life simulator.

Check the Virtual family Simulator Fun to be a happy dream daddy and start enjoying life. A family simulator game is a top option for enjoying life and observing family life.

Virtual Family Simulator Game Features:
- Multiple tasks complete rich virtual family simulator
- Billionaire dad and rich mom virtual family simulator
- Realistic 3D Characters with amazing animations
- rich family game multiple family simulator missions
- Exciting and superlative game play
- 3D graphics simulation game play

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