Gangster City : Mafia Crime
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Gangster City : Mafia Crime

by Player One Games

An open-world game for gangster career and everyday life

App NameGangster City : Mafia Crime
DeveloperPlayer One Games
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Average Rating3.63
Rating Count72
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Screenshot Gangster City : Mafia Crime
Screenshot Gangster City : Mafia Crime
Screenshot Gangster City : Mafia Crime
Screenshot Gangster City : Mafia Crime
Are you ready to become a gangster and take on the cops? If you're a fan of gangster big open-world games, haunting adventures await you. Immerse yourself in a magnificent crime story!

Gangster-controlled cities are waiting for you.
Turf battles, chases and brutal shootouts between rival gangs are commonplace in the city. You must conquer this brutal underground world. It's full of challenging missions, epic street battles, and confrontations with the police.

Take control of the city. Become a gang leader.
Take advantage of the opportunity to gain authority and become a famous gang leader. You can even become a gangster boss! This open world will be a real challenge. Explore every nook and cranny of this huge crime city.

Unleash your gangster skills.
This open-world action game is waiting for gangsters like you. Create your gangster, climb the gangster ladder and fight for the right to rule the criminal empire. Your destiny will be the boss of this crime city. But be prepared that the police and other gangs won't leave you alone.

Steal and create your own criminal history.
Steal cars and get into a chase with the police. In Gangster City : Mafia Crime, cars are more than just vehicles. They will be a symbol of your strength. Upgrade your engine to participate in the competition. Compete with gangs and police. As you progress, unlock an impressive array of vehicles ready to compete in the coolest races on the massive crime world tracks!

Gangster City : Mafia Crime is the perfect game in a vast open world for lovers of gangster and police confrontations, robberies and street races.

Can you write your name in the criminal history of the city? install it now and play the best game.

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