GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
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GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship

by SHD Games

A military AC130 Gunship simulation with incredible graphics, sound and action!

App NameGOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
DeveloperSHD Games
Download Size279 MB
Latest Version0.9.445
Average Rating2.67
Rating Count1,053
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Screenshot GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
Screenshot GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
Screenshot GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
Screenshot GOLIATH - AC130 Gunship
"GOLIATH Actual, be advised... We need immediate close air support! Friendly ground forces have multiple enemy hostiles moving in hard & fast on their position, over."

Take command of GOLIATH, an infamous AC 130 Spectre Gunship, also known as the "Angel of Death."

Be advised... the enemy forces will throw everything they have at you to win the battle. Our only hope of bringing the friendly ground team back home alive is you and your air crew. Use your arsenal of heavy explosive ordnance and support units to hold off waves of enemy attacks.

- Highly addictive gameplay, you will be hooked.
- Incredible graphics. You will feel like you're operating a Gunship.
- Thunderous sound effects that make every bomb mighty.
- Intense & exciting combat with various enemy forces.
- Massive variety of bombs, military vehicles and upgrades.
- Compete for the high-score in Survival mode.
- No forced ads!

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Recent changes:
+ Enemies getting stuck fixed!
+ Optimized & Fixed a major crash issue!
+ Prestige mode for more challenge!
+ New Mission "Heavy Cargo"
+ Ultimate Weapons for extreme damage
+ New exclusive Prestige Missions
+ Bug Fixes & More!

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