Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
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Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle


Organize your own container and make your home look clean and tidy

App NameGoods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
Download Size67 MB
Latest Version1.0.7
Average Rating4.00
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Screenshot Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
Screenshot Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
Screenshot Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
Screenshot Goods Sort:Match 3 Puzzle
This is a casual puzzle game that incorporates multiple elements. The gameplay is very simple, and players need to organize and eliminate the same items. However, it should be noted that all levels here have relevant time limits, and all items in the container must be eliminated within the specified time to achieve victory and successful star addition.

How to play?

According to regulations, you need to organize various items in the container and complete the elimination task


1. A unique way to match and eliminate containers requires combo elimination to achieve higher scores and better rankings

2. The random and versatile container design, along with various wonderful props and obstacles, constantly challenge players' reaction and decision-making abilities in the game

3. Rich level design, diverse container arrangement and item combination, each level presents new challenges

4. Having a rich and diverse range of goods, creating your own ideal space

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