Haircut prank, air horn & fart
Icon Haircut prank, air horn & fart

Haircut prank, air horn & fart

by ABI Game Studio

Enjoy 200+ realistic prank sounds: air horn, siren, clippers... to prank anyone

App NameHaircut prank, air horn & fart
DeveloperABI Game Studio
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Screenshot Haircut prank, air horn & fart
Screenshot Haircut prank, air horn & fart
Screenshot Haircut prank, air horn & fart
Screenshot Haircut prank, air horn & fart
Make your life more fascinating than ever with Haircut prank, air horn & fart - the greatest prank app containing hundreds of realistic and vibrant prank sound effects.

Now you can easily turn your phone into a fake razor prank & haircut game maker to prank everyone and have lots of fun. We gathered scary sounds, fake haircut pranks, air horns, breaking glass, and car sounds together, just for you.

⭐ Haircut & shaving prank
This fake razor prank feature includes authentic clipper sounds and vibrations. Its sound is modeled to real hair razors and changes when the device is moved above someone's head. Also, you will feel a vibration similar to a real razor. With this razor prank shaving feature, your friends will really think that their hair has been cut. When you witness their surprised and angry expressions, you can't stop laughing!

⭐ Air horn prank
Impress or prank your friends and family with this very loud air horn sound. This app includes many realistic air horn sounds such as train, ship, truck, car sounds, police sirens, and fire engines which will fool everyone.

⭐ Fart noise & fart sounds maker
Use the apps to prank your friends and watch them freaking out for fun. Turn your phone into a fart sound machine and embarrass your friends with the fart noise timer or liven up your surrounding with fart symphonies.

Besides fake razor pranks, fart sounds, and air horns, there are dozens of amusing prank sounds. Breaking glass, car sounds, doorbells, and other scary sounds are examples.

Don’t let your life be boring, DOWNLOAD this Haircut prank, fake razor prank & scary sounds to live longer with laughter!

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