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Hammer Security: Find my Phone

by Hammer Security - Phone Anti-Theft systems

Hammer Security Family locator & safety app with Lost phone finder & gps-tracker

App NameHammer Security: Find my Phone
DeveloperHammer Security - Phone Anti-Theft systems
Download Size30 MB
Latest Version25.0.6
Average Rating4.37
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Screenshot Hammer Security: Find my Phone
Screenshot Hammer Security: Find my Phone
Screenshot Hammer Security: Find my Phone
Screenshot Hammer Security: Find my Phone
In a world filled with uncertainties, prioritizing your family's safety & peace of mind is crucial🌐. That's where Hammer Security - Family Safety app, your digital shield & trusted companion, comes into play. This antitheft & lost phone GPS-tracker app is the ultimate solution to "Find my device," "Location tracker," & "Track IMEI number” queries, ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Our vision is to protect your family with advanced GPS-tracker device detectors & remote tracking🛡️.
Hammer Security ensures family safety & provides a comprehensive solution these are some benefits of having this family safety app
✔️Stay connected with real-time family location updates with the family locator with help of our advanced GPS-tracker
✔️Swift notifications for critical situations prioritize family locator & safety with Emergency SOS Alerts
✔️Intruder selfies, fake shutdowns, & simulated airplane mode for enhanced protection.
✔️Collision detection, low-battery alerts, & website control ensure comprehensive safety gives you family protection.
✔️Secure handling of data, sharing only with designated Emergency Contacts.

The Hammer Security - Family Safety app ensures automatic SOS in 80% of emergencies when there's no time to manually trigger it.

For continuous live GPS-tracker & location tracker & Emergency SOS, our app requires specific permissions:
Location: Enables live gps-tracker, a core aspect of ensuring family safety with a device tracker.
Contacts: Sends live location with location tracker, images, & audio to Emergency Contacts, enhancing family safety with a device tracker & gps-tracker.
Accessibility:This Location Tracker app acts as Lost Phone Finder that allows advanced security & thorough data protection, vital for family safety with a device tracker.
Device Admin: Our location Tracker App permits Intruder Selfies in emergencies, adding an extra layer to family safety.
Camera: Lost Phone Finder app acts as device finder captures potential intruders' photos, aiding in family safety with a location tracker.
Microphone:Hammer Security Location tracker app detects suspicious sounds, triggering audible alarms for enhanced family safety with gps-tracker.

Privacy is paramount; the Hammer Security - location tracker app shares vital info only with Emergency Contacts in a real emergency, ensuring family safety.

Key Features:
Track My Phone:📍Our lost Phone Finder app powered byGPS-tracker & phone tracker for accurate tracking with device finder & promoting family safety.
Remote Alarm:🚨 Hammer Security Location tracker app activates an alarm remotely in emergencies, a valuable feature for family safety.
IMEI Tracker:🔍 & Lost Phone Finder app traces your device with its unique IMEI number, adding extra family safety with the help of GPS-tracker.
Fake Shutdown:📴 Our lost Phone Finder app simulated shutdown sends real-time location, images, & audio to Emergency Contacts, strengthening family safety with a gps-tracker.
Fake Airplane Mode:✈️ Simulates airplane mode, sending live data to Emergency Contacts, a crucial feature for family safety with a gps-tracker.
Panic Button:🆘 It acts as a location finder that instantly sends live location, images, & audio in emergencies, prioritizing family safety with help of GPS-tracker.
Intruder Selfie:📸 Captures potential thieves' photos, contributing to family safety with help of gps-tracker.
Car Collision Detector:🚗 Uses sensors to detect collisions & alerts families automatically by location finder, an additional layer of family safety with a GPS-tracker.
Low-Battery SMS:🔋 Notifies emergency contacts with the help of GPS-tracker before the battery depletes,in crucial situations like this it will add a layer in family safety.

Recent changes:
Improved flow for ads-based free access for Hammer Security

Added the ability to set up daily reminders to keep Hammer Security activated everyday for free, so that your phone can stay protected

Fixed issues related to permissions being revoked by Android System

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