Hamster Cookie Factory
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Hamster Cookie Factory

by mafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)

Make sweet and delicious cookies in the Hamster’s Factory!

App NameHamster Cookie Factory
Developermafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)
Download Size84 MB
Latest Version1.19.10
Average Rating4.44
Rating Count48,387
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Screenshot Hamster Cookie Factory
Screenshot Hamster Cookie Factory
Screenshot Hamster Cookie Factory
Screenshot Hamster Cookie Factory
You are now a proud owner of a cookie factory!
Are you ready to play a cookie making game with various levels?

Repair the cookie factory and hire Hamster Managers.
Then start making the world delicious cookies!

This Hamster Tycoon game has various stages where you make cookies!

Cookie Factory Description
- As the cookie becomes sweeter, they become more expensive!
- Build a cookie factory, expand the factory, and fatten up the Hamsters.
- There are no disgusting cookies here. Hamster’s Cookie Factory is filled with sweet and cute things!

- Crafting Method Tip : Balance the Machines to create the perfect cookie!
- Idle Game : Construct new production lines to earn more cash!
- Hire Hamster Manager : Not only are they adorable, they also make cookies to earn cash for you!
- Factory Operation : Set the priority of the orders to clear the stages!

📱 You can also play on your tablet.

Recent changes:
Here's some news for you!
- Bug has been fixed!

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