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App NameHealth Kit
DeveloperP & L Studio
CategoryHealth & Fitness
Download Size25 MB
Latest Version2.4.7
Average Rating4.29
Rating Count32,990
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Screenshot Health Kit
Screenshot Health Kit
Screenshot Health Kit
Screenshot Health Kit
Health Kit is an application that covers recording blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and BMI, which can help you record your own health data.

1. Blood pressure
You can record your blood pressure data through Health Kit, and observe your blood pressure trend through graphs.

2. Blood sugar
You can record your blood sugar data through Health Kit, and observe your blood sugar trend through graphs.

3. Heart rate
You can measure or record your heart rate in the app, and view the changes of your heart rate through graph information.
How do we detect heart rate?
Our app uses your phone's camera to capture the color difference of the blood flowing through your finger to estimate your heart rate per minute and uses an algorithm to record the heartbeat. If you need professional heart rate detection, please use professional medical equipment.

4. BMI: You can enter your weight and height to calculate whether your BMI value is within a reasonable range.

5. Health information: You can learn some knowledge including blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate in the application


1. This app does not measure your blood pressure, blood sugar, and is not intended for medical emergencies. Consult your doctor if you need any help.

2. The information provided using this application is only intended to provide general overview information to the public and is not intended to replace written laws or regulations. This app does not provide health professional guidance. If you need health professional guidance, please consult a professional medical institution or physician.

3. In the process of measuring heart rate, we will turn on the flash function, which may cause your phone to heat up.

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