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App NameHole.io
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Latest Version2.9.0
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Screenshot Hole.io
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The most addictive black hole game!

Can you move the black hole to swallow the buildings into the hole like an attacking hole master? The clock is ticking, tik tok, tik tok, will you succeed to swallow?

Enter the arena and face the other black holes in a fierce battle. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Choose your favorite black hole skin and go like a hoard master. Show them who is the biggest black hole in town! Play Hole.io now!

Recent changes:
In this update, we've focused on fixing bugs to improve your gaming experience. Here's what's new:

Bug Fixes:
- We fixed crashes and made the game more stable.
- You won't get stuck in weird places on the map.
- The game runs better and uses fewer resources.

We're committed to making Hole.io the best it can be. Enjoy Version 2.9!

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