Jewel Blast-marble pop game
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Jewel Blast-marble pop game

by JackJonesGame

Collect the diamonds on the marble game and help Mary in all the missions~

App NameJewel Blast-marble pop game
Download Size245 MB
Latest Version96.0
Average Rating4.48
Rating Count19,327
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Screenshot Jewel Blast-marble pop game
Screenshot Jewel Blast-marble pop game
Screenshot Jewel Blast-marble pop game
Screenshot Jewel Blast-marble pop game
Brighten your days with Jewel Blast-marble pop game!Collect enough stars to unlock the master life!
Welcome to Gem Paradise! Dive into a mesmerizing world of gem-matching puzzles, where you'll embark on an adventure with the charming Mary. Collect stars by eliminating gems and help Mary overcome various challenges in her life!


🌟 Gem Bursting Fun: Challenge your gem-matching skills in meticulously designed levels and earn rich rewards and surprises!

🏑 Home Decor: Unlock new rooms and decorate your cozy home, creating your unique space. Each room is a new magical adventure!

🀝 Assist Mary: Use the stars you earn in the game to help Mary overcome life's challenges. Your decisions will shape her story!

πŸŽ‰ Events and Rewards: Participate in various events, win generous rewards, and celebrate success with players worldwide. Every burst is an achievement!

Gameplay Highlights:

In Gem Paradise, you'll experience a beautiful gem-filled adventure, unlocking new rooms, collecting stars, and creating unforgettable moments with Mary. Enjoy the excitement of gem bursting while also experiencing the joy of helping others. Join us now and build your dream haven!

Download now and start your journey into the world of gems!

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