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Play PC games on Android

App NameJoyArk Cloud Gaming
DeveloperJoyArk Official-Cloud Games
Download Size45 MB
Latest Version1.5.1
Average Rating3.70
Rating Count30,083
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JoyArk is a cloud gaming community where you can find games you want to play. No matter where you are, you can play PC Games, Console Games, even AAA Games, on your MOBILE device with JoyArk Cloud Gaming App.

🕹️【All-in-one, No download required】
JoyArk is an all-in-one cloud gaming platform that integrates game information and cloud gaming experience. Here you can not only get the latest game news and hot reviews but also play PC and console games anytime and anywhere. It turns your mobile phone into a powerful game console. No need to download games, Joyak collects games from Steam/Origin/Epic and other platforms, including all game genres. Whether you are a casual or heavy gamer, this is your game playground.

📱【User-friendly, Flexible】
JoyArk provides various operating guidelines to help gamers get started quickly. Rich game content brings players an immersive gaming experience. We not only offer Pay-as-you-go services, but also monthly subscriptions. Whether you are a casual or heavy gamer, JoyArk has you covered.

💰【Low cost, High performance】
The Joyark app allows gamers to experience high quality AAA games for less money. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a high-performance gaming computer, gamers can log into JoyArk and experience a variety of PC and console games smoothly without worrying about hardware issues.

🎮【Play popular PC games with Mobile phone】
You don't have a gaming PC or console? No worries! Joyark lets you access the latest PC and console games on a variety of devices! Also, Joyark's game library is constantly growing with the latest games. Such as Fortnite,FIFA,GTA V,WWE,Elden Ring,CupHead,Forza Horizon5,ppsspp,ump Force,The Witcher Ⅲ,NBA 2K22,Cyberpunk 2077,Watch Dogs and more.

Joyark gaming platform will allow you to:
★ Play PC games on mobile 🔥
★ Play games without downloads and updates🔥
★ Turning your phone into a powerful gaming console with Bluetooth controller 🔥
★ Experience PC games without a computer 🔥
★ Find Game recommendations in the game library 🔥
★ Find game guides, walkthroughs and the latest game news 🔥
★ Share and discuss with other players 🔥

How to use Joyark? It's really easy👌

★ Download JoyArk
★ Create an account and subscribe

👍Get the app and play 🎮 now! Remote cloud gaming is at your fingertips!
👍Stay engaged with other gamers in our friendly community. Find your favorite games and search for guides and walkthroughs. Share your experiences and thoughts on Joyark.

★ Please note that streaming games will consume a lot of mobile data per hour. Therefore we recommend that you connect to a 5G-WiFi network.
★ Connect gaming peripherals such as bluetooth controllers, gaming keyboards and mice for the best gaming experience.

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Recent changes:
1. Bug Fixes: Fixed the bug where users could not enter the game after queuing.
2. New games: Launch several new games, such as GTA V, WWE 2K24, FIFA23, etc.
3. Improved Experience: Our developers have worked hard to optimize the software's performance, resulting in faster load times, smoother gameplay, and reduced latency.

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