Little Panda: Princess Makeup
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Little Panda: Princess Makeup

by BabyBus

Become a makeup artist and make the princess up for a party!

App NameLittle Panda: Princess Makeup
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Screenshot Little Panda: Princess Makeup
Screenshot Little Panda: Princess Makeup
Screenshot Little Panda: Princess Makeup
Screenshot Little Panda: Princess Makeup
Do you want to be the exclusive makeup artist of the princesses? Come to Little Panda's Princess Salon and show your makeup talents! Create perfect looks for the princesses and make them look great at the party by putting on makeup, designing hairstyles, matching clothes and more.

Let's start with a facial! Clean her face, put on a mask for her and wash her hair. After that, you can get creative and design a hairstyle for her. Straight hair or curly hair? Pink or blue? It's all decided by you!

Next, let's apply a party makeup for the princess! Choose a pair of purple contact lens and use an orange eyeshadow as a highlight of this look. It will make the princess' eyes look sparkly. Finish with a rosy and pink lipstick for a refreshing and natural ball look!

Don't forget to decorate the princess' hands! Use the glitter nail polishes and gemstones to decorate the princess' nails! There are a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from. You can also paint nails with delicate patterns to make the princess' nails sparkle!

Finally, let's pick right clothes for the princess! There are many dresses that are perfect for the party, such as a lovely puffy dress, an elegant blue dress, a purple camisole dress and a pink lady's dress! Then put on a tiara for her. Pick a pearl necklace and pair it with a pair of shell earrings. Wow! That looks perfect!

The princesses are ready! They can go to the party now! Don't forget to take pictures for them to record their perfect looks!

- Become the princesses' exclusive makeup artist;
- Unleash your creativity and dress up four princesses with different skin tones;
- Three themes: shopping, party and vacation;
- 112 types of costumes and 100+ makeup tools to choose from;
- Use eye shadow, cosmetic contact lens, mascara and lipsticks to create beautiful looks;
- Choose your favorite dresses and accessories to create multiple princess looks;
- Design a unique hairstyle for the princess;
- Decorate the princess' nails with glitter nail polishes, stickers and gems;
- 15 exquisite nail painting patterns;
- Supports offline play.

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Recent changes:
This update focuses on the optimization of the princesses's needs by adding detailed dress-up requirements of each princess. You'll be able to get a better idea of each princess's style preference. Now you can choose the right outfits, accessories, and hairstyles according to different occasions and the differnt moods of a princess to create the perfect look for her.

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