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Ludo League Game- Play Ludo and Live Voice Chat With Players Around The World.

App NameLudo League - Live Voice Chat
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Screenshot Ludo League - Live Voice Chat
Screenshot Ludo League - Live Voice Chat
Screenshot Ludo League - Live Voice Chat
Screenshot Ludo League - Live Voice Chat
Ludo is one of the most popular board games in India. We all have played the Ludo game in our childhood with our family and friends. It's the best and most favored indoor game by all Indians.

Ludo League Brings you the best online free Ludo game with superb features and 24x7 real players. Ludo League provides you exactly the same experience as your offline Ludo game and enhances it with multiple Ludo game variations, 24x7 game tables, best user experience.

*Classic Game: This is a 2 player, 4 peg game of Ludo. Users can play 1-1 Ludo Game with real online players in this multiplayer real-time game version. Players can also chat in real-time with each other.

*Live Voice Chat: Now you can live voice chat in many interesting groups with users around the world. So not only can you have fun playing Ludo but also you can now make new friends.

*Ludo Flash: Ludo Flash game rules are exactly like classic Ludo Game with one difference. In Ludo Flash, any player that first cuts the goti of another player wins the game.

*Ludo 10 Min Timer Game: Play fast 10 minutes timer games only on Ludo League and have fun. This game is fast, exciting, and offers unlimited thrill in just 10 minutes. The strategy to play this game is completely different from classic Ludo game and you will have to adapt your game to this style.

*Ludo Tournaments: Introducing Ludo tournaments for the first time @Ludo League. Play the biggest Ludo tournaments with hundreds of players and win millions in coins as rewards.

*Play With Friends: Players can invite their friends and challenge them to a game of Ludo in this game version. You have to simply share the game code of Ludo League with your friends through social media e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc.

*Play Practice: This is the practice version of Ludo League. here players can play with a computer offline and improve their skills before going for the hardcore and cutthroat world of online Ludo Games.

With over 1 million users and round-the-clock Ludo games Ludo League is India's largest and best online Ludo game. What makes us different from other Ludo games is that our Ludo game is safe and secure and has 100% real Ludo players.

So enjoy your childhood favorite Ludo game on Ludo League online with never-before-seen Ludo game variations and have fun. Show your Ludo game skills and win against the best Ludo game players in India.

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