Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi
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Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi

by BlackLight Studio Games

Play Multiplayer Ludo Game with Friends & Family, Use Voice Chat and Emojis!

App NameLudo Superstar - Parcheesi
DeveloperBlackLight Studio Games
Download Size157 MB
Latest Version31.0.5
Average Rating4.33
Rating Count392,095
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Screenshot Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi
Screenshot Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi
Screenshot Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi
Screenshot Ludo Superstar - Parcheesi
Dust off your dice and get ready for Ludo Superstar, the online board game that's more fun to play than a weekend hangout with friends! This multiplayer online game brings friends and family together for online multiplayer fun. This dice game combines strategy with friendly competition. With voice chat, connect seamlessly with friends and add a social touch to every roll!

Ludo Superstar is more than an online ludo game; it's a platform for connecting with loved ones. Whether you're a seasoned ludo player or new to online ludo, the classic ludo experience awaits your enjoyment. Play with your friends and prove who the real Ludo Star is!

🌍 Play Online with players around the world or with your friends and family.
🗣️ Voice chat with your opponents. Make new friends.
🎮 Multiple game modes! Explore Classic, Quick, Team-up, and more!
🤖 Offline? Show out smart bot who is the real Ludo King.
🎨Customise your game with premium assets
🏆Complete events, win exclusive rewards with Ludo SuperStar.
🔄 Use Power-ups to control your luck and become Ludo Star
😄 Send funny emojis, and emoticons and make the ludo game more interesting.

Game Modes:
Classic : Immerse yourself in Ludo with this timeless mode where strategy and luck come together. Enjoy the classic ludo experience in both 2 and 4-player modes.
Quick: Ludo on the go, where strategy meets speed and every dice roll counts
Friends: Connect with friends through Facebook or WhatsApp, and challenge them to a friendly match. Experience the joy of playing Ludo with friends, no matter where they are!
Team-up: Form alliances with friends or match with players online to play in teams. Collaborate, strategize, and celebrate victories together in this unique multiplayer board game mode.
Tournament: Compete in exciting tournament to showcase your Ludo skills and win 6X the reward and become a Ludo King
Blitz: Strategize with Blitz mode, know your next dice rolls and play smart for a thrilling online Ludo experience.
Computer: No Internet? Play offline with our smartbot.
Pass and Play: Gather friends and family around a single device for a classic Ludo Pass and Play experience.

Ludo, with its origins in ancient India and known as Parchisi and Parchessi, has remained popular through the ages. The advent of online ludo in the digital age has further increased its appeal. Immerse yourself in dice-rolling and strategic gameplay, aiming to become a Ludo champion in this blend of classic board gaming and modern multiplayer ludo excitement.

Embark on a journey of nostalgia and excitement with Ludo Superstar. Roll the dice, strategize your moves, and play Ludo with friends and family for unforgettable gaming moments. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned Ludo enthusiast, this free online multiplayer game promises hours of entertainment. Download Ludo Superstar now and become the Ludo King in this classic board game reimagined for the digital age!

Recent changes:
- Check out the new dice, tokens and board in Computer and Pass & Play mode.
- Never skip the free booster to get double the rewards.
- Issues related to tournament and Blitz mode are fixed.

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