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Relieve antistress and relax with fluid wallpaper -Collection of fluid wallpaper

App NameMagic Wallpaper: Magic Fluids
DeveloperLXC PTE. LTD
Download Size50 MB
Latest Version1.2
Average Rating4.80
Rating Count131
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Screenshot Magic Wallpaper: Magic Fluids
Screenshot Magic Wallpaper: Magic Fluids
Screenshot Magic Wallpaper: Magic Fluids
Screenshot Magic Wallpaper: Magic Fluids
If you are interested in the effects of light and colors, you'll surely enjoy the design of the colors. It has an amazing flow with different options, and you can easily move the screen with just one finger to create an incredible effect
Relieve antistress and relax with fluid wallpaper live app - a stunning and captivating fluid wallpaper app suitable for anyone. Designed with a variety of gorgeous fluid wallpapers that help your main screen or lock screen be beautiful like never before.

😍 Experience the mesmerizing world of 4K & HD Fluid Live Wallpaper!
😍 A simple touch on the screen is all it takes to immerse yourself in captivating fluid effects.
😍 Indulge in the captivating visual effects that transport you to another realm. Dive into countless configurations, find your perfect setting, and, most importantly, set it as your live wallpaper!
😍 The Fluid Simulation is a powerful toolkit designed to replicate the intricate behavior of liquids within a digital environment.
😍 This enchanting creation is your ticket to relaxation, a sanctuary from the burdens of stress, and an invitation to savor the present moment. Prepare to be spellbound by the sheer beauty, an unparalleled magnificence that will leave you in awe.
😍 If you have an affinity for abstract digital art or the mesmerizing patterns of acrylic pour painting, Fluids will be your new obsession! Craft breathtaking, eye-catching designs resembling whirlpools, galaxies, flowing liquids, dancing flames, radiant light, billowing smoke, molten lava, and much more!
😍 Embark on a journey of enlightenment. It's high time to cease reading this and install the app. Immerse your mind in the rejuvenating world of fluids. Stop delaying and hit that install button now!

🌟 Main features of the magic fluid wallpaper app:🌟

Collection of 4K fluid live wallpaper

Immerse yourself in a gallery with an extensive collection of 4K fluid wallpapers. From exotic energy, wonderful waves, slick slime and countless fluid wallpapers, whether you’re a fan of vibrant color or soothing tones, the fluid simulation wallpaper app offers a wide variety of options to suit every taste.

Customize your fluid wallpapers

Tailor your fluid wallpapers to your preferences by adjusting the color, speed, fluid dynamics, and special effects. You want a smooth fluid wallpaper with eye-catching designs that look like swirls, galaxies, liquid, fire, light, smoke, lava, and much more! That’s easy with the fluid wallpaper simulation app. Let’s personalize a visual experience that matches your mood and style.

Discover the magic of fluid wallpapers at your fingertips
Touch fluid wallpaper and create a beautiful motion of colorful smoke and water. Enjoy the hypnotizing motion of fluid swirls moving around, sometimes slow, quiet, and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying, and trippy.

Set wallpaper for the main screen and lock screen
Simply set fluid wallpapers for both your main screen and lock screen. With just a few taps, you can transform your device into a work of art, showcasing stunning fluid visuals every time you unlock your phone. The magic fluids wallpaper app ensures that your device's appearance will be captivating and dynamic, even when it's not in use.

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