Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
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Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR

by Supa Inc.

Make your own Malatang and starting a Mukbang ASMR!

App NameMalatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
DeveloperSupa Inc.
Download Size98 MB
Latest Version1.4.7
Average Rating4.79
Rating Count38,053
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Screenshot Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
Screenshot Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
Screenshot Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
Screenshot Malatang Master - Mukbang ASMR
Do you know Malatang?
It is very popular dish in Korea, so there are many restaurants serving it.
Ordering Malatang is a bit special.
First, you have to pick the ingredients you want and put them in a bowl!
This game is based on this ordering flow.
So, this helps you order Malatang in Korea as well XD!

Fill your mouth with various ingredients and take a bite to experience the full flavor and aroma of the Malatang!.

All those who weren't satisfied with just watching Malatang Mukbang, pay attention!

Let's create a Malatang with the ingredients you want and film a Mukbang!

Enjoy a healing game while listening to tempting ingredients and delicious
ASMR sounds!

Enjoy the game easily and simply!

Sell your own Malatang with a secret recipe and meet new customers!

- Over 30 diverse ingredients
Try making Malatang with various ingredients.
You can create a Malatang filled with your favorite ingredients.

- Over 50 diverse decorating items
From restaurant interior to various costumes! Create your own Malatang restaurant filled with your personality.

- Over 20 diverse customers
From regular customers to special guests! Take various orders from customers and fill up your catalog!

- Mukbang Live
Malatang ASMR with different sounds for each ingredient!

Developer contact:
[email protected]

Recent changes:
You can now eat the soup of Malatang!

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