Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
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Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game

by The Knights Pvt Ltd

Modern bus simulator to drive & park your favorite bus; steer in 6 driving modes

App NameModern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
DeveloperThe Knights Pvt Ltd
Download Size67 MB
Latest Version3.61.1
Average Rating4.18
Rating Count127,182
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Screenshot Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
Screenshot Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
Screenshot Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
Screenshot Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game
🚌 Have you ever imagined to own a fleet of buses in a virtual world? Turn this dream into reality as 'Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game' is offering you this amazing opportunity with a blend of driving and parking the public transport.

Get behind the wheel of your own fleet of buses and experience the thrill of navigating through dynamic cityscapes. From busy downtown streets to rural off-roads, every route presents a new challenge to conquer. Are you ready to take the driver's seat and rule the roads? Join us now and let the adventure begin!

Just imagine your response when all of a sudden a deer comes across your bus or you have to steer your way through a waterfall, so now is the time you behave sensibly and give nature its due treatment.

Similarly, you have been warned of bad weather, but part of the challenge is to reach your destination while facing a strong thunder-storm and landsliding, but WAIT! Passenger safety should be your first priority.

Key Features:
1. Daily Achievement Section to boost your confidence:
Daily Reward | Spin Wheel Luck | Daily Missions
2. Time spending reward ladder for streak maintaining
3. Soundtrack - Enjoy the music as per your taste
4. Futuristic Open World Maps - Choose your own
5. Dynamic Passenger Interaction

🎮 Diverse Gameplay Modes:

1. Easy Parking: If you want to drive buses like professionals, this mode is made for you to be a master in the art of driving in difficult situations. Never forget the precautionary measures like switching lanes, indicators and seatbelt.

2. Offroad Journey: Enjoy the most diversely interesting mode full of twists and turns. Pick and drop passengers through rough terrain while enjoying music and wildlife around.

3. Traffic Mode: In realistic simulation, follow all the traffic rules and maneuver your bus through busy streets and avoid collisions with other vehicles or guardrails.

4. Hard Parking: This mode is specially designed for pro drivers who love to take challenges. Avoid hurdles and park the bus in tight spots in given time.

5. User Creative Mode: A truly customizable option to create and assemble your own tracks, hurdles, start and finish line designs as well as weather selection.

6. Random Maps: Figure out the surprise of maps and routes in this mode.

🌆 Explore Vibrant Environments:
Navigate through bustling cityscapes, from downtown districts to quiet suburban neighborhoods. Pick up passengers at bus terminals and safely transport them to their destinations.

🚍 Bus Inventory:
Choose from a wide range of modern as well as traditional stylized buses, including latest design of double decker, diesel, hybrid, electric, articulated, coach and school buses.

Apart from basic settings of sound adjustment, driver side and controllers; customize your bus with
1. Multiple Paints
2. Steering options
3. Tire and Rim variations
4. Country flags
5. Decals
6. Pressure horn

🚦 Realistic Traffic Simulation:
Guide through realistic traffic scenarios, obeying traffic rules and avoiding collisions with other vehicles. Violating any traffic rule will cost you in deduction to your earned coins.
Ensure passenger safety as you drive through city traffic, dealing with unexpected obstacles and challenges.

🚀 Get ready to feel the action by your hands and eye coordination, take the wheel and initiate the ultimate bus driving journey with 'Modern Bus Simulator: Bus Game', Download now.


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Recent changes:
Hurrah Champs! Here we Go!!!
- ⯌Sounds Improved for Better experience while driving!
- ⯌ Country Wise sounds addition
- ⯌ Game performance fix for betterment. 📊
- ⯌ Minor Bugs resolved

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