Money Tree: Cash Grow Game
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Money Tree: Cash Grow Game

by Tapps Games

Like money clicker games? Tap to collect cash. Grow your tycoon tree & be rich

App NameMoney Tree: Cash Grow Game
DeveloperTapps Games
Download Size79 MB
Latest Version1.11.65
Average Rating4.27
Rating Count190,034
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AppBrainDownload Money Tree: Cash Grow Game Android app
Screenshot Money Tree: Cash Grow Game
Screenshot Money Tree: Cash Grow Game
Screenshot Money Tree: Cash Grow Game
Screenshot Money Tree: Cash Grow Game
Be the world's biggest business tycoon in Money Tree: Idle Cash Game! 💸Build your financial investment capitalist empire, buy cars, houses and all money can buy! 💸 Start now your adventure of becoming the world's biggest billionaire tycoon.

Do you dream of building the world's biggest capitalist empire? Then this idle clicker tapping game for you! Grow money, like you grow trees. This clicker money game is all about collecting cash and gold. Tap, tap, tap your tree to earn money in this tapping game.

Tap for cash and collect money and gold from the mysterious tree, grow your cash garden and become the greatest billionaire business tycoon in the universe. It's your chance to build a real capitalist empire with investments, gold, cars and houses in this tapping game!

Be part of an adventure of cash, gold, and lots of cash to become a billionaire. Become a rich business tycoon and realize your wishes in this click game and collect money endlessly to grow your financial investments, buy luxury items, and evolve your garden.

🏛 Capitalist Empire

Buy EVERYTHING you WANT! There are several options for cars, houses, and luxury items. You can also hire the most famous Hollywood celebrities who will help you in your mission to collect money every day from your tree! Be a real-world billionaire tycoon and build a capitalist empire!

🤑 Business Tycoon Game

Build your capitalist empire! Tap for money to collect more bucks and accelerate the growth of your riches. Make financial investments and hire Hollywood celebrities who will help the growth of your empire. Take care of your garden and start your journey to become a world-famous business tycoon now!

💰 Multiply your Investments

Increase your founds and upgrade your tree! Envolve your cash garden tree, hire gardeners who will help you harvest the tree and celebrities with unique skills for you to become the newest business tycoon!

Playing this game, you get to grow money, like you grow trees. Hire celebrities to help you with your endless amount of cash, build an empire of investments, cars, houses, luxury items like yachts and jewelry, you can have anything you want! For those who wish to be a billionaire, this clicker money game is a dream come true.

💲 Idle Cash Game

Start your journey to build your capitalist empire and business! Tap, tap, tap for money and earn more rewards to evolve your cash garden tree. Complete daily missions, earn rewards and remember to hire gardeners who will help you achieve financial success. Become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur!

*Money Tree is an offline idle cash game. However, the game has extra features and additional items that can be purchased with money.

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