Monster Call: Prank Video Call
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Monster Call: Prank Video Call

by SDVL Entertainment

Prank & laugh with Monster Sounds: Epic fake calls & fun

App NameMonster Call: Prank Video Call
DeveloperSDVL Entertainment
Download Size188 MB
Latest Version1.0.33
Average Rating4.25
Rating Count454
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Screenshot Monster Call: Prank Video Call
Screenshot Monster Call: Prank Video Call
Screenshot Monster Call: Prank Video Call
Screenshot Monster Call: Prank Video Call
Elevate your prank game to epic proportions with Monster Sounds: Fake Call, Prank Video Call & Chat ! Ever fantasized about freaking out friends with a chilling video call from the notorious John Pork, the elusive Skibidi Toilet Monster, Siren Head, Cameraman or the haunting visage of The Nun? Or maybe you prefer to crack them up with an absurdly funny sound prank? Your search ends here!

Dive into a world where laughter meets fear, and every call is an adventure. Our app offers an unmatched collection of eerie monster calls complete with vibration effects to simulate a spine-tingling encounter, alongside a treasure trove of classic memes transformed into hilarious sound bites that promise to bring the house down. With high-quality sound effects that range from blood-curdling to belly-aching, your pranks will leave friends both terrified and tickled.

Key Features of Monster Sounds: Fake Call :

* Authentic Fake Calls : Engage in frighteningly realistic video calls with a variety of monsters, complete with vibration effects for that extra shiver.
* Comedy Gold Sounds : Access a vast library of iconic funny memes and sounds that guarantee a laugh riot.
* Top-Notch Sound Effects : Elevate your pranks with superior sound quality that'll have everyone on the edge of their seats.
* Ever-Growing Library : A dynamic collection of monstrous and mirthful sounds that grows every week, keeping your prank arsenal fresh and exciting.
* Transform a mundane night into an unforgettable spooky adventure with sounds and calls from the netherworld. Watch in glee as friends jump out of their skins or collapse in laughter! The world of Monster Sounds: Fake Call awaits your mischievous spirit.

Stay tuned and contribute to our growing horror and humor repository by suggesting new characters or sounds. We thrive on your feedback and stories of prank triumphs, so keep them coming! Your support fuels our passion, driving the Rofi Games Team to continue delivering unparalleled quality and fun. Thank you for choosing us as your partners in prank!

Join the monstrous fun today and let the pranks begin! 🎉👹📞

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