Monster Storm2 Adventure
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Monster Storm2 Adventure

by SharpenPlay Entertainment

An adventure game.Capture and train monsters.

App NameMonster Storm2 Adventure
DeveloperSharpenPlay Entertainment
CategoryRole Playing
Download Size291 MB
Latest Version1.7.6
Average Rating3.72
Rating Count2,373
Google PlayDownload
AppBrainDownload Monster Storm2 Adventure Android app
Screenshot Monster Storm2 Adventure
Screenshot Monster Storm2 Adventure
Screenshot Monster Storm2 Adventure
Screenshot Monster Storm2 Adventure
Catch, evolve and collect more than 300 unique monsters!
Explore the huge open world!

Team up with your partner in the game, defeat the villains, and save the monster world together!
Defeat 8 gym leaders, and finally fight the legendary champion, and become a hero in this epic journey!

▶Game features:

● Collect Monsters
• More than 300 kinds of monsters let you capture and train.
• Evolve your monster into a powerful new stage.
• In addition to evolution, monsters can also activate super evolution.

● Build Team
✔Use 6 monsters to develop the ultimate team.
✔Special turn-based battles to defeat your enemies!
✔More than 100 kinds of monster skills, play deadly Combo!

● Become Legend
✔ Conquer 8 gyms and challenge the monster league champion. Rich adventure story!
✔ Explore eight cities and countless wild and cave adventures!
✔ Following the story of the mission, defeat the dark forces and save the monster world.

Are you ready to become a powerful monster trainer?

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