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Muslim Prayer Times Azan Quran

by Muslim Ramadan Tech

Muslim Prayer Time with Azan/Adhan, Quran Pro, Qibla, Islam Pro Offline, Tasbih.

App NameMuslim Prayer Times Azan Quran
DeveloperMuslim Ramadan Tech
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Latest Version2.67
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Screenshot Muslim Prayer Times Azan Quran
Screenshot Muslim Prayer Times Azan Quran
Screenshot Muslim Prayer Times Azan Quran
Screenshot Muslim Prayer Times Azan Quran
🌟 Smart Muslim Ramadan 2024 app free with auto azan / adhan notifications. Ramadan Sehri and Iftar timings 2024, That will provide you almost all the necessary information and features in this app.

🌙 Ramadan Calendar & Times 2024:
Ramadan app shows Suhore / Sehri and Iftar times based on your current location. Azan alarm alerts you at Suhoor and Iftar time. In this blessed month, pray and repent. This app will help you to keep Ramadan fast on time.

🕒 Muslim Prayer Times Pro with Azan:
Accurate Prayer times based on your current location with auto and manual multiple settings. You can easily listen to Azan at the Prayer time in this app.
Perform the five Prayers that are obligatory on us.

⏰ Auto Adhan Alarm / Reminder :
Visual and audio notifications for the calls for Prayer with voice Azan alarm.

📖 (Al Quran) Holy Quran:
The Al-Quran feature provides a seamless Quranic experience, allowing users to access the complete Quranic text in Arabic. It offers multilingual translations for better understanding and high-quality audio recitations from renowned reciters.

🎧 Audio Quran Recitation :
The audio Quran feature in our app lets you listen to the complete Quran being recited by renowned Qari.

🧭 Qibla Finder Compass:
Qibla finder, compass and Qibla map, guiding you to the direction of Mecca. Make sure to always face the Kaaba during your prayers, even when you are not at home.

📆 Islamic Calendar Pro 2024:
Islamic calendar & date converter 2024 which allows you to identify the dates of Islamic events and occasions.

📿 Digital Tasbeeh Counter:
Count Your Azkar, Enhance your spiritual connection with a convenient digital tasbih, a prayer watch that makes this important practice easier.

الله Names of Allah (Asma-ul Husna):
99 names of Allah (Asma-ul-Husna). It offers detailed explanations of each name with audio recitation.

🌙 The 5 Pillars of Islam :
A comprehensive guide to the five fundamental principles of Islam that every Muslim should follow. You can learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam in your native language.

🕌 Mosque Finder:
A helpful tool for Muslims who are traveling or new to an area and want to find a mosque for prayer. This feature provides a map that shows the location of nearby mosques.

🙏 Daily Supplications :
Daily Supplications, a comprehensive library of supplications and prayers that Muslims can recite every day to seek Allah's blessings and protection.

🌍 Muslim Prayer app in your language:
Muslim pro free offering its services and the Holy Quran in your preferred language. Choose Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Melayu, Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Urdu and Russian.

📜 Feedback :
We warmly welcome your suggestions, recommendations and improvement ideas. Send your feedback at [email protected]
Please remember us in your prayers.

Recent changes:
✔ Al- Quran audio problem solved.
✔ Azan alarm improved.
✔ Italian language has been added.

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