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Nuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle

by AdOne Ltd

Unblock screws and untangle each twisted iron piece from the jigsaw of obstacles

App NameNuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle
DeveloperAdOne Ltd
Download Size101 MB
Latest Version2024.69
Average Rating4.32
Rating Count107,381
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Screenshot Nuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle
Screenshot Nuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle
Screenshot Nuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle
Screenshot Nuts And Bolts - Screw Puzzle
Welcome to Nuts & Bolts Puzzle, where really difficult puzzles await! šŸ§±

Immerse yourself in a maze of twisted iron sheets, bolts and nuts, and plates, pinned with discarded bolt pieces and rings, presenting an epic and complex puzzle match. Let's feel the excitement in the new unscrew and screw pin game and become a screw master.

As a seasoned technician, skillfully unblock screws and untangle each twisted iron piece from the jigsaw of obstacles.

Navigate through carefully crafted levels, facing a mesh of tangled metal plates, rings, and ropes at every turn.

Untangle the ropes and free the iron pieces to experience the intricate yet rewarding world of the Nuts & Bolts game.

šŸ”©šŸ”© Exciting Features of Screw Up Puzzle: Nuts and Bolts:
ā€¢ Freely twisted and mend iron pieces, unscrew and screw pin to solve the puzzle
ā€¢ No time limit, relax and play whenever you want.
ā€¢ Unlimited levels! A lot of screw pin strategies await you.

Some levels introduce metal art created from metal plates, while in others, you will use a handsaw to cut these plates and expose more holes to pin your bolts and nuts.

Do you have the vision and brainpower to untangle these screw puzzles of nuts and bolts game in the township? Get ready to challenge your intelligence and become a legend in bridge construction.

šŸ”©šŸ”©Nuts and Bolts: Screw Puzzle is perfect for those who:
ā€¢ Enjoy puzzle games like screw pin puzzle, screws and bolts, screw nut puzzle, screw master, bolts and nuts
ā€¢ Want to challenge new obstacles
ā€¢- Love hard puzzle levels and metal materials
ā€¢ Enjoy the ASMR sound of metals

šŸ”©šŸ”©New challenges of the screw nuts puzzle updated at each level:
ā€¢ bolts and nuts are hard enough for a puzzle game but there will be even harder levels with bombs and saws.
ā€¢ There are also new forms of metal plates: round, rectangle, triangle, square...
ā€¢ Become a screw master is harder than you think

šŸ§±Experience new Art Levels of Screw Nut Puzzle
ā€¢ Normal level is nice and fun but Art levels are another obstacle!
ā€¢ Diving into the world of amazing artwork, you will see various types of art like frogs, and pumpkins, flowers... converted to screw nut puzzle
ā€¢ Art puzzles are beautiful but hard to win even with a screw master. Remember to think before play or you might fail a lot of time! Screw nut puzzle with a combination of artwork is worth to play.

Screw puzzle levels of nuts and bolts seem easy at first glance but do not take screw pin and screw puzzle easy! Let's roll into the world of bolts and nuts game and have fun!

Recent changes:
- New challenges
- Bug fixes and improvements
Update now and let the new challenges unfold!

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