Paranormal Inc.
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Paranormal Inc.

by Riv3r

Observation Duty Game with Real Life Footage

App NameParanormal Inc.
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Latest Version6.8
Average Rating4.13
Rating Count92
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Screenshot Paranormal Inc.
Screenshot Paranormal Inc.
Screenshot Paranormal Inc.
πŸ’€After looking for a job for a long time, you started as an operator in a
company named "Paranormal Inc." You will watch live CCTV footage and report the anomalies you see.

πŸ’€A very good blend of reality and paranormal observation duty.
πŸ’€With real life footages this horror game gets even more scarier.

β˜… Find and report unusual activity in the footages
β˜… Try to avoid sending false reports
β˜… Earn enough xp points to unlock next location
β˜… Very realistic gameplay with real life footage
β˜… Creepy and scary locations
β˜… Supports many languages

Difficulty modes:
β˜… Easy: Less anomalies, shorter duty time, requires 60% success rate
β˜… Medium: Moderate anomaly count, average duty time, requires 70% success rate
β˜… Hard: Much more anomalies, full duty time, requires 80% success rate

β˜… Subtitles option for those who can't hear noise/sound anomalies

Recent changes:
- Bug fixes

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