Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip
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Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip

by World Sports Arena

Get ready for hair-raising adventure where speed, style, and whip collide

App NamePerfect Hair: Grow and Whip
DeveloperWorld Sports Arena
Download Size66 MB
Latest Version1.1.1
Average Rating4.85
Rating Count125
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Screenshot Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip
Screenshot Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip
Screenshot Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip
Screenshot Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip
Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip is not just a running game; it's a celebration of creativity, style, and self-expression through the medium of hair. Step into a vibrant world where the track is your catwalk and your hair is your crowning glory. In this exhilarating game, your journey isn't just about reaching the finish line – it's about showcasing your unique style and leaving a trail of awe-inspiring hair creations in your wake.

Set in a bustling metropolis where fashion reigns supreme, Perfect Hair invites you to join the ranks of aspiring hairstyling prodigies as you sprint, jump, and dodge obstacles through the city streets. But this is no ordinary race; it's a high-stakes competition where your hairstyling skills are put to the test at every turn.

As you navigate the urban landscape, you'll encounter hair-themed challenges that require quick thinking, precision timing, and a keen eye for style. From weaving through hair-themed obstacle courses to rescuing stranded models with your hair-raising maneuvers, every level presents a new opportunity to unleash your creativity and wow the crowds.

But it's not just about speed and agility – it's also about crafting the perfect hairstyle to complement each challenge. With a diverse array of hair customization options at your fingertips, you'll have the freedom to experiment with colors, textures, and accessories to create jaw-dropping looks that turn heads and steal the spotlight.

Along the way, you'll encounter rival stylists who will stop at nothing to sabotage your chances of success. From launching hair-raising attacks to unleashing hair care disasters, your competitors will test your skills and determination at every twist and turn. But with quick reflexes and a touch of flair, you'll overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious in the world of haute coiffure.

Perfect Hair: Grow and Whip isn't just a game – it's a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sheer hair-raising excitement. So grab your hairbrush, unleash your inner stylist, and prepare to run, style, and conquer the runway like never before. The spotlight is waiting – are you ready to shine?

Recent changes:
- Added fever mode
- Added pets with characters
- Added speed booster
- Improved sound system
- Hair measurement have been added at level ends
- Added new staking levels

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