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by Amusing Critters Game

Try to survive the horror toys that await you in the abandoned toy factory

App All Jumpscare
DeveloperAmusing Critters Game
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Latest Version1.2.1
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Screenshot All Jumpscare
Screenshot All Jumpscare
Screenshot All Jumpscare
Screenshot All Jumpscare All Jumpscare is a famous and addictive horror game. This is the first Playtime game that allows you to choose between a player character or a monster.
šŸ§‘ā€šŸš€ In player mode, you need to try to create a giant toy and must try to survive the scary monster that is hanging around the toy factory.
šŸ‘» In monster mode, the goal is to find and kill all players before they disrupt your Project Playtime. All Jumpscare - Chapter 3 was once the king of the toy industry who created several popular toys like Puppy Playtime. Unfortunately, one experiment of Project Playtime led to their tragic incident in which everyone inside the factory disappeared into thin air. Is the disappearance of the staff due to the rebellion of a series of toys? It's so scary! Now, years later, you must explore the abandoned factory and find out whether it is the end of the Project Playtime or the beginning of something more terrible! šŸ’€ All Jumpscare game modes:
šŸ”„ Collect the toy
šŸ”„ Mission Impossible
šŸ”„ Board the train

HOW TO SURVIVE - Avoid the Monster

šŸ’– Collect the toy: Find all the missing pieces to create a giant toy. Besides, try to escape from all the smiling critters, they can be anywhere & put you to deep sleep when you least expect it.

šŸ’– Mission Impossible: All of the hardest missions will be in All Jumpscare. Complete all missions before time runs out or you will be devoured by monsters. An agile and speedy monster with long pink legs & a giant blue monster will prevent you from performing these difficult tasks.

šŸ’– Board the train: The last monster is like a nimble and cruel hunter hiding in the form of a music box which is the scariest thing in the game that you should watch out for. Only when you touch all the machines in this abandoned toy factory will the train station appear. Get on the train and finish your mission.

šŸ”„ Now choose your role wisely, will you die a hero or live long enough to become the next experiment of Project Playtime?

Enjoy moments of horror and welcome to Playtime šŸ˜ˆ

Recent changes:
- Update new boss
- Optimize performance
- Fix bugs

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