Plinko : Ball Falling
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Plinko : Ball Falling

by ALI A.M

Plinko Ball Simulator For Mobile

App NamePlinko : Ball Falling
DeveloperALI A.M
Download Size35 MB
Latest Version10.1.6
Average Rating2.97
Rating Count915
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Screenshot Plinko : Ball Falling
Screenshot Plinko : Ball Falling
Screenshot Plinko : Ball Falling
Screenshot Plinko : Ball Falling
Classic Plinko Game Now on Your Mobile
(No Pay - No Withdraw) Just For Fun

Play - Challenge - Custom = Fun

Plinko is a popular carnival-style game that is both entertaining and unpredictable. It is named after the distinct sound made when a small disc, often made of plastic, plinks and plunks its way down the game board.

The game board typically consists of a vertical, peg-filled wall. At the top of the wall, a player drops a disc or a puck into the game, aiming for it to land in one of the designated slots at the bottom. The slots are worth different point values, with some offering higher rewards than others.

As the disc descends, it bounces off the pegs, bouncing and changing direction in a random manner. The path the disc takes is influenced by the pegs, creating suspense and anticipation as players hope for their disc to hit a high-scoring slot.

Once the disc reaches the bottom, it lands in a slot, awarding the player the corresponding number of points. The points earned for each slot typically decrease from top to bottom, but there may also be bonus slots or special features that enhance the gameplay.

Plinko can be enjoyed both as a physical game at carnivals and as a virtual game in game shows or online platforms. It combines elements of chance, skill, and anticipation, making it an exciting and engaging experience for players of all ages.

Recent changes:
Patch 10.1.5
- Challenge Change To Lose To 10 Without Lose Tire "M,B,T,Q"
- Fix Risk Change Price
- Fix on game Messages
- Fix Bugs and game improve

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