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Prison Life: Idle Game

by Supercent, Inc.

Become the prison manager and manage the flood of prisoners.

App NamePrison Life: Idle Game
DeveloperSupercent, Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
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Latest Version12.0.0
Average Rating3.68
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Screenshot Prison Life: Idle Game
Screenshot Prison Life: Idle Game
Screenshot Prison Life: Idle Game
Screenshot Prison Life: Idle Game
Prison Life: The Ultimate Prison Management Simulation Game

Are you ready to take on the challenging yet rewarding role of a prison manager? In Prison Life, you will manage every aspect of running a successful prison. From taking in new prisoners to ensuring their basic needs are met, upgrading facilities, and managing your staff, your goal is to create the ultimate prison empire. Dive into this engaging simulation tycoon game and see if you have what it takes to control, expand, and level up your prison to new heights.

Key Features

šŸ‘®šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø Manage Prisoners:
Take on the responsibility of running a bustling prison. From intake to release, you will manage prisoners' daily lives. Ensure their basic needs like food, hygiene, and recreation are met to keep them healthy and compliant. Balance the demands of maintaining order and keeping prisoners satisfied to prevent escapes and disturbances.

šŸƒšŸ½ā€āž”ļø Diverse Facilities:
Upgrade and manage a variety of facilities within your prison. Build and enhance gyms, mines, kitchens, and visiting rooms to improve prisoner satisfaction and productivity. Each facility offers unique benefits and challenges, adding depth to your management strategy.

šŸ“ˆ Expand Your Prison Empire:
As you progress, rank up your prison to unlock new facilities and expand your operations. The more you expand, the closer you get to building a world-renowned prison empire. Unlock advanced features and discover new ways to improve your prison's efficiency and security.

šŸ‘ØšŸ»ā€šŸ”§ Staff Management:
Your staff is the backbone of your prison. Hire and manage a diverse team of specialized prison officers to help you. Upgrade their skills and capabilities to ensure they perform their jobs efficiently. A well-trained staff is essential to maintaining order and security in your prison.

šŸŽ® Simulation and Casual Gameplay:
Prison Life : Idle Game combines the best elements of simulation and casual idle gaming. Enjoy a deep and engaging management experience with easy-to-learn mechanics. Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, Prison Life offers a rewarding gameplay experience that fits into your busy life.

Prison Life is not just a game; it's a simulation that mirrors real-world management challenges. From resource allocation to staff management, you'll develop skills that are applicable in various aspects of life.

Download Prison Life : Idle Game today and start your journey towards becoming the ultimate prison tycoon. With its unique blend of strategy, simulation, and casual gameplay, Prison Life is the perfect game for aspiring managers and tycoons alike. What are you waiting for? Join the Prison operation community and build the prison empire of your dreams!

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