Puzzle Game: Draw missing part
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Puzzle Game: Draw missing part

by Zego Studio

Brain workout with tricky draw puzzle

App NamePuzzle Game: Draw missing part
DeveloperZego Studio
Download Size73 MB
Latest Version1.0.53
Average Rating4.47
Rating Count5,420
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AppBrainDownload Puzzle Game: Draw missing part Android app
Screenshot Puzzle Game: Draw missing part
Screenshot Puzzle Game: Draw missing part
Screenshot Puzzle Game: Draw missing part
Screenshot Puzzle Game: Draw missing part
Get your brain triggered with thousands of tricky draw puzzle!

What can you do with one part draw? Here is a puzzle draw game that bring you endless beautiful, satisfying puzzles with real creative flair just by draw one part. These missing part challenges could engage your brain, test your drawing skills, and give your logic a real workout with brain tricky puzzle game.

Be an artist with draw puzzle game
The gallery of thousands artistic draw puzzle can make you smile. They just need draw one part more to be perfect.
Identify the missing part, draw one part to finish the art with your finger, become an artist is never easier!
Some of the results of draw puzzle game are surprisingly interesting and encourage you to play more tricky brain puzzle.

Brain workout and relax at the same time
Looking for an entertaining draw puzzle solving game that’s genuinely challenging but won’t left you in frustration?
Use your powers of logic and lateral thinking to figure out what the misssing part is, then draw one part and let magic happens: an awesome animation of color filling come up and a full fantastic picture takes you to the next level in this tricky puzzle game. Once you solve the draw puzzle you will see that even the funniest draw one part can engage your brain with brain puzzle, your imagination and your artistic talents.
Can you handle all the draw puzzle?

Innovative feature
- Graphic: Uniquely refreshing and engaging charactors in pictures to draw one part which you will be thinking about all day and coming back for more
- Sound: Lovely music and realistic draw puzzle sound especially for the game, which is relaxing and catchy at the same time, creating a tranquil and fun environment where puzzle solving is as relaxing as its entertaining.
- Gaming sessions: Difficulty is just enough, as it level up and draw you in until you solve the brain puzzle and using your powers of logic draw one part like a pro. Intelligent draw game mechanics and carefully conceived brain puzzles ensure a smooth and satisfying playing experience
- Helpful hint system: If you can’t find the right place to draw first time, keep on thinking and trying until you hit on the solution. If you’re really stuck, you can always ask for a hint. The imaginative solutions in the game are guaranteed to be unexpected and make you satisfied.

Having fun is the key
You can also always play the tricky brain puzzle game together with your friends and family. Fun and education for all ages, smooth and addictive draw one part gameplay with unexpected and humorous pictures will make your day.

Recent changes:
+ Version_1.0.53: Update levels.

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