Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE
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Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE

by Mgame

Queen's Knights - Hack and Slash IDLE

App NameQueen's Knights - Slash IDLE
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Screenshot Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE
Screenshot Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE
Screenshot Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE
Screenshot Queen's Knights - Slash IDLE
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Go on a journey with your own Knight, and enjoy rapid growth and overwhelming impact on endless levels!
Real idle RPG game, Queen's Knights is here!
Enchant items and skills with resources obtained through various dungeon raids, and grow your own pets, mercenaries, and treasures to become the best knight ever!

Catch tons of monsters to grow your own knight, to learn awesome skills, and to enchant your skills.

Enchantment Stone Dungeon, Guardian Dungeon, Treasure Dungeon, Bless Dungeon, Crest Dungeon, Breakthrough Dungeon!
Embark on various dungeons to get tons of golds and diamonds!

Enchant items with golds and diamonds obtained from various dungeons, and collect guardians, treasures, and crest to become more powerful knight.

Generous rewards you can enjoy without payment.
Offline rewards you can play without being alienated from other Knights, on your hectic day..
We will give you satisfaction with user-friendly management and quick updates.

Queen's Knights

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