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ReallyMake: Pottery Sculpting

by ReallyMake LLC

Bring your pottery to life with augmented reality & real 3D printing!

App NameReallyMake: Pottery Sculpting
DeveloperReallyMake LLC
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Screenshot ReallyMake: Pottery Sculpting
Screenshot ReallyMake: Pottery Sculpting
Screenshot ReallyMake: Pottery Sculpting

Pottery Sculpting with real 3D printing!

With ReallyMake™, pottery making is more than just a game. You can Really Make and paint pottery and ceramic figures, and bring the pottery to life with augmented reality and real 3D full-color printing!

Have fun virtually sculpting clay into beautiful ceramic pottery; painting, stamping & customizing it to your liking. Once you’re done, the fun continues as you build your own private art gallery of your favorite self-made pottery pieces.

AR Pottery

You can even project your artwork onto tables and pedestals using augmented reality in your home to see what it looks like in the real world.

Share your ceramic art with your friends
You can share your ceramic pottery over social networks, or with the ReallyMake community where others may pay ReallyPoints to buy your artwork!

What you can do with the app?
1. Sculpt beautiful ceramic & pottery pieces
2. Paint, stamp & customize ceramic art to your liking
3. Save finished ceramic pottery pieces in your art gallery
4. Sell your custom ceramic pottery art and earn points
5. 3D print real life ceramic pottery pieces.
6. Use Augmented Reality (AR) to project your pottery on your table or floor
7. Export your pottery 3D print model for self 3d printing if you own a 3D printer

Stress Relief Games

Working with clay & pottery making has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety among college students.

Here is the scientific paper discussing the benefits of ceramic pottery making and how it reduces stress.

ReallyMake simulates that experience wherever you are with your mobile device.

Real 3D Printing

After viewing your own pottery sculpture projected with Augmented Reality onto your own table or bookshelf, you can then have your pottery 3D printed and sent to your doorstep within days!

You can even export your pottery 3d data if you are a maker, potter, or have your own 3D printer.

With ReallyMake, you can take your creations all the way from virtual reality to your doorstep!

We at ReallyMake support the creative community, and the artist in you.
Make beautiful original creations, regardless of your traditional skill level.

If you have any questions and queries please reach out to us at [email protected]

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