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App NameRelax Toys Games
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Latest Version1.3.6
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Screenshot Relax Toys Games
Screenshot Relax Toys Games
Screenshot Relax Toys Games
A casual decompression game specifically designed for friends under excessive pressure, with 3D graphics design and various simulated decompression methods waiting for you to experience!

This includes various decompression games for small games, where players can find various decompression games. Press the switch, bubble wrap, various buttons, zippers, gears, colored clay, Slim, cut soap, and so on

Game features:

Usually, you will start playing anytime and anywhere, without the need to connect to the internet or fight against others, without wasting your brain;

It's really just letting your brain empty, just moving your fingertips, and listening to that healing sound is also great;

The blocks collide infinitely and fall onto the wooden board, allowing you to play your way and feel completely free.

3D graphics allow you to enjoy and relax while observing the differences between these objects

You can control many objects to complete multiple levels, divert attention, and release the depression of your mood.

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