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Shark Land: Survival Simulator


Survive, craft and build your raft and be wary of the shark in ocean.

App NameShark Land: Survival Simulator
Download Size98 MB
Latest Version10.1.7
Average Rating3.33
Rating Count28,386
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Screenshot Shark Land: Survival Simulator
Screenshot Shark Land: Survival Simulator
Screenshot Shark Land: Survival Simulator
Screenshot Shark Land: Survival Simulator
Survival on the raft simulator throws you in epic ocean adventure, with the objective to stay alive, gather resources and build a floating home worthy of survival. Remember, thirst and hunger aren’t the only danger, watch out for the sharks and other predators to continue your adventure!

🏝 Explore islands
There are many islands available to explore in the game. Build a boat and get to them to find out secrets.

💧 Survival mode
Follow the indicators of thirst and hunger, survive and fight for your life!

🔩 Hook
Use the hook to catch the resources: wooden planks, debris, leaves, barrels and others. They will come in handy for you to survive!

⚒ Craft and build
Watch the condition of your house on the water and don’t let the shark destroy it. Build a raft in the water from scratch and expand it in all directions, and a fishing net and a trap for debris on the raft and other improvements will help you to equip it.

🐋 Animals
There are many animals on the islands. You can hunt them and get your own food. They can hunt you!

🔓 Puzzles and secrets
There are a lot of secrets on the island, the solution of which will give you the opportunity to discover new islands that are hiding in dense fog.

★ Catch floating items.
★ Explore the island and hunt the animals.
★ Modern graphics for even more realism.
★ Craft survival equipment, weapons, tools and more.
★ Build and expand your raft from a wreckage to a buoyant fortress.
★ Defend your buildings from the dangers of the island and ocean.

Recent changes:
- SDK update;

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