SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
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SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle

by Dark Halo

Color sort games & water games for brain training! Engage mind with Sort Puz!

App NameSortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
DeveloperDark Halo
Download Size54 MB
Latest Version3.821
Average Rating4.59
Rating Count1,467,418
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AppBrainDownload SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle Android app
Screenshot SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
Screenshot SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
Screenshot SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
Screenshot SortPuz™: Water Sort Puzzle
SortPuz is a fun and challenging water sort puzzle game with a huge breakthrough in the gameplay of color sort. 🌡️ Sort liquid of various colors and pour the liquid into the cups according to the water color, so that each cup is filled with the same color in Sortpuz.

SortPuz interface is very simple and the operation is very easy, but color sort games can greatly exercises your logical ability. 😀 😀 With the increase of colors and cups of water games, the difficulty will gradually increase in SortPuz. Rich and interesting water sort puzzle levels are here waiting for you! Enjoy SortPuz: water sort puzzle!

< SortPuz: Water Sort Puzzle Games > features:
❤️ One finger control to complete water games
❤️ Thousands of color sort levels in Sort Puz
❤️ Small running memory but good experience
❤️ Easy play, hard to master color sort games
❤️ Have fun with water pour of water games, best spare time killer
❤️ Play color sort games anytime, anywhere
❤️ Exercise your brain to solve puzzles with color sort games
❤️ Support phones and tablets, enjoy Sort Puz
❤️ Play color sort games for free, Online & Offline

< SortPuz: Water Sort Puzzle Games > Gameplay:
🧪 Tap any cup to pour colored water into another cup and sort it in Sort Puz! The rule of Sort Puz is that only water of the same color and there is enough space in the cups can pour in other bottles.
🧪 Try not to get stuck with water puzzle of SortPuz, you can restart the level at any time in color sort games.
🧪 You can also choose to add sorting props, add a test tube to help you pass water games more easily.

Notes: You need to learn the rules of Sort Puz carefully and use them proficiently to get them right.
Only by mastering the rules of Sort Puz can you quickly spell out the combination of water bottle and sort it right. 🌈 🌈
All levels of water games have been manually tested and can be completed without any items in SortPuz.

Addictive water sort puzzle game, try to classify the liquid in the cup and fill in cup. When all the cups of water games are classified according to the same color, it is a victory. SortPuz is challenging and fun that can exercise your brain! If you like color sort games, you will definitely be interested in Sort Puz too!

SortPuz can not only exercise your brain but also relieve your mood, which is one of the most challenging water sort puzzle games ever.

Show how smart you are in the water sort puzzle game! 🤔 🤔 Try to succeed in SortPuz!

Recent changes:

😁Fix bugs.
😁Optimize game features and experience.
Dear players, we hope you're having fun playing our game! We read all your reviews carefully to make the game even better for you.Please leave us some comments to let us know why you love our game and what you'd like us to improve it!

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