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by Kont App Is

Filter SHekan Gavi Split VPN Unlimited VPN! unblock websites on Android.

App NameSplit VPN-Hook Proxy
DeveloperKont App Is
Download Size33 MB
Latest Version2.0
Average Rating4.86
Rating Count12,081
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Screenshot Split VPN-Hook Proxy
Screenshot Split VPN-Hook Proxy
Screenshot Split VPN-Hook Proxy
split VPN: Your Free VPN for Secure and Unrestricted Internet Access

Experience the internet without limits with split VPN, the free VPN app that empowers you to browse, stream, and connect with complete freedom.

Unleash a World of Possibilities

Unrestricted Access: Bypass censorship and access any website or content from anywhere in the world.
Enhanced Privacy: Protect your online identity and shield your data from prying eyes with our military-grade encryption.
Unparalleled Security: Safeguard your connection on public Wi-Fi networks and prevent hackers from stealing your information.
Lightning-Fast Speeds: Stream videos, download files, and browse the web without buffering or lag.
Granular Control with Split Tunneling: Select which apps and websites route through the VPN for enhanced privacy and performance.
Strict No-Log Policy: We never track or store your online activity, ensuring your complete privacy.
split VPN - Your Gateway to a Secure and Unrestricted Internet

Whether you're traveling abroad, accessing geo-restricted content, or simply protecting your privacy on public Wi-Fi, split VPN is your essential tool for a secure and unrestricted online experience.

Join the Millions Who Trust split VPN

With millions of users worldwide, split VPN is the proven choice for those who demand a fast, secure, and reliable VPN service.

Download split VPN Today and Experience the Internet Unfiltered

Take back control of your online experience with split VPN. Download our free VPN app today and start enjoying the limitless possibilities of the internet.

Additional Features:

Simple One-Click Connect: Get connected to our secure servers with just a tap.
Choose from Multiple Locations: Select from our extensive network of servers worldwide for optimal performance.
No Registration or Login Required: Enjoy instant access to our VPN service without any hassle.
Compatible with All Your Devices: Use split VPN on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Join the thousands of Iranians who trust split vpn for their secure and unrestricted online experience.
Please note that split VPN cannot be used to engage in any illegal or unauthorized activities.

Download split VPN today and unleash the true power of the internet!

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