Stickman Clash: Fighting Game
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Stickman Clash: Fighting Game

by The Great Hippo

Play the stickman mini game.

App NameStickman Clash: Fighting Game
DeveloperThe Great Hippo
Download Size105 MB
Latest Version6.2.5
Average Rating4.52
Rating Count39,472
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Screenshot Stickman Clash: Fighting Game
Screenshot Stickman Clash: Fighting Game
Screenshot Stickman Clash: Fighting Game
Screenshot Stickman Clash: Fighting Game
Stickman Clash - 2 player game: The addictive stick fighting game and a also funny party mini-game for 2 3 4 players.
Different from other stickman games, this is a very fun multiplayer stick fighting game on mobile, which can duel your family & friends at parties on the same device.

If you want to play with your friend on the same device! Don't miss playing Stickman Clash - 2 Player games, a realistic stickman, challeng and play 1 player, 2 player, 3 player, 4 player; If you have no friends to play the stick party game in multiplayer on one device, just play alone against the CPU!

Super shadow dragon fighting and amazing casual party stickman games are returning! The stick fighting game with endless waves of enemies will test your brawl and survival skills. Try hard to stick of war and be the stickman warriors in the ultimate stick man party games with your friends!

Want to be the stickman of warrior? Start Stickman Clash now!

Features of stickman multiplayer fighting games:
⚔️ Combine a variety of fight game modes, Multiplayer PVP, Puzzle Adventure Level, and Ranking Battle.
⚔️ Choose multiplayer mode or play with AI alone between minigames
⚔️ 100+ stick characters with unique design skins.
⚔️ 2D physic and 20+ different maps in a different environment to stick fight battle.
⚔️ Funny ninja&stickman characters as you choose, such as Spider, Shadow, emoji skins...
⚔️ Create your own stickman warriors, you can match all kinds of ninja & stick heroes as you like.
⚔️ Multiple weapons, free access to make you stronger in a stick world
⚔️ Challenge your friends and family. Fun and fast party games offline
⚔️ Easy to control movement, but difficult to be the supreme.
⚔️ Duelist fight game: 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players and survival mode on one device / one phone / one tablet

• Simple Controls, Funny to Play - Stickman •
Simple controls, deep fighting, realistic movement and ragdoll fun in the game. Here you can use all kinds of powerful and interesting weapons to battle, keeping the best part of physics-based fighting games, while still giving you full control of your stick man while you fight!

• Party Fighting Game and Mini game for 1 2 3 4 Player •
Play with your friends in 2 player game is also a singleplayer&local multiplayer stick man game, including games for 1 player, 2 player games, 3 player games, or even as many as 4 players on the same device, in which you can control your stickman to battle with your friends and family, or choose your favorite weapon to challenge your limits in a stick war.
These fun party games are for one player, two players, three players, and four players, and the more people playing together, the more fun in the Party Stickman of legends. Choose your character, play with a friend in the 2 Player Mode and 4-players can play using the same device.

Relaxing warriors fighting a battle and stickman of hook like a spider stickman, invite your friends or family to play the Stickman Clash, the more people playing together, the more fun. Enjoy the 2 player stickman games!

Fight, jump, and don't close your eyes! Come and play the fun casual stick fight game to be the supreme stickman warrior!

Start to download stickman clash and play the stick of RHG fighting game now! Let's play the online&offline mini-games and let the party begin! Within this game, you will find different challenges to compete with your friends.

If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback.

Recent changes:
What's New
- More maps
- Improve weapon skills and performance
- Improved performance

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